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Are you interested in being a sponsor at Flamingo Toes?

I think that’s just wonderful. :)

Contact me at bev(at) for Stats, pricing and other info!

Giveaways: If you’d like to to a giveaway or discuss advertising on Flamingo Toes, send me an email.

Reviews: If you would like to send me an item, I’ll happily review it for you. :)
Send me an email – we’ll discuss it and see if it is something that is a good fit for the blog.

I look forward to working with you!
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


  • Reply September 24, 2010


    I’d like to put an ad on your site. How do I contact you?
    Crafty Girls Workshop

  • Reply April 22, 2011

    marilyn hartsell

    hi –
    i have an etsy shop that could use some publicity. i would like to put an add on your site. i can also do a giveaway if you’d like. my etsy shop is

  • Reply November 19, 2011


    Hi, I am one of your followers. And I just came across your advertising link and I was wondering if you would want to do a free giveaway on your site for me. If you would take a look at my blog and facebook page I would gladly appreciate it and let me know if it is something that you would be willing to put on your site. I also would send you something. I will be launching my boutique here shortly. If you could email me back at that would be wonderful.

    My facebook page

    My blog


  • Reply February 22, 2012


    I would love to advertise on your site for my new shop with TUTU DRESSES for little girls! I have an etsy shop and a facebook page.

  • Reply March 27, 2013


    Hello Beverly,
    my name is Ekaterina, I’m from the czech Republic and I own eshop with Czech glass goods. I would like to discuss with you sponsoring your blog. I tryed to send you mail, but I’m afraid something went wrong and you haven’t receive it. Please, contact me at epushkareva [at]
    Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Ekaterina Pushkareva

  • Reply February 18, 2014

    Tina Anapnioti

    this is Tina from, very soon we will have our own site. We want to start making our shop known and wonder if you would accept a package of our items to make a piece of jewelry. Do you do that? And what are the requirements? Please take a look at what we sell and let us know if you think it suits your style.

    Kind regards,

  • Reply May 24, 2014

    ella freeman

    Hi, I am interested in putting my jewelry on your site. I am trying to make my jewelry more accessible and have more people know about my artistic wares.
    Please write back and give me particulars on how to place with you.
    Thank you, e~*

  • Reply May 24, 2014

    ella freeman

    How do I have a place on your site to display and sell my jewelry and other beaded items?
    I really appreciate your site it is classy and well put together. Your help is greatly appreciated.

  • Reply November 5, 2014

    Theresa Feller

    I would like to see about an advertisement or a review on your site. Maybe your FB page?

    Can you send me the details?

    Thank you!!

    • November 5, 2014


      Hi Theresa!
      Email me at and let me know what you have in mind. We can talk about options and pricing! :)

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