Anthropologie Braided Bobs Bracelet Knockoff

Anthropologie Braided Bobs Bracelet Knockoff

Now that Spring is pretty much here – doesn’t it make you want everything all fresh and new? I love starting the Spring with a few new things to wear, it makes it so much more fun. So when I saw this darling chain and leather bracelet, I knew it would be perfect as a new Spring accessory – at a fraction of the price of the original! I made up this Anthropologie Braided Bobs Bracelet Knockoff in about 30 minutes too – so that’s an adorable, inexpensive and super fast new bracelet you can add to your wardrobe!

how to make a leather and metal bracelet

The bracelet is a simple combo of leather and chain with a cute little tassel. You can mix and match your colors to add something different to your wardrobe, or go with your tried and true favorite colors. Or make up a bunch in every color you want!

Braided Chain and Leather bracelet

These supplies should be easy to find at your local craft store too – or online. They would be great gifts too!

Anthropologie Knockoff Bracelet

So let’s get started! Here’s what you will need:

  • large chain – the length of your wrist plus a link or two
  • Closure – you can use any type you like
  • jump rings (two small for attaching closure and one large for attaching tassel)
  • leather cording – 1/2 a yard should be plenty
  • cotton cording – 12″
  • beads with large holes
  • embroidery thread for tassel
  • needle and thread or glue

Add the closure to the end of your bracelet. If you use a toggle clasp like this, you want to make sure you can get it on and off. If the chain is too large it won’t allow enough chain for the end to go in the ring.

chain bracelet

Tie a knot in the end of your cotton cording and wrap the end of the leather around it. Sew in place with just a few stitches to hold the leather.

leather and cording knot

Line the end up with the first link of chain and wrap the leather through the link of the chain. Lay the cotton cording along the chain and wrap the leather through the links to hold it in place.

wrapping cording to chain and leather

Continue until the chain is completely wrapped.

wrapping leather and cording

Tie a knot in the cotton cording right up against the chain. Loop the leather around again and sew in place on the back side.

knotting end of cording

Tie a knot in the leather right next to the cotton knot. Thread a bead with a large hole onto both the leather and cotton cordings.
If your cording is having trouble fitting through the bead wrap a piece of scotch tape tightly around the cord, then feed it through the bead.

Knot the cordings after the beads, then trim them.

beads and knots in cording

Create a small tassel out of embroidery thread. You can use this tutorial – I wanted mine a bit bigger for this bracelet so I used a serving fork to make this tassel. Feed a large jump ring through the top of the tassel.

thread tassel

Open up the jump ring carefully and loop it through the leather cording at the last loop of chain. Close the ring and slip the opening so it’s inside the tassel.

adding tassel to bracelet

That’s it!! Super cute right?

Now I need a new outfit to go with my super cute new bracelet!

Anthro Knockoff Bracelet

leather cording and chain bracelet

Anthropologie Knockoff Chain Bracelet

I hope you give it a try!

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    Judy Clark

    Bev – Does your mind ever slow down? You must be planning stuff constantly. Love the bracelet!


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    I love this bracelet!

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    I love these. The colors are beautiful.

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