How to Make Mini Tassels

How to Make Mini Tassels

So we’re agreed that everything is pretty much cuter when it’s tiny right? Tiny little desserts, wee tiny kittens, mini coin purses, and my new favorite thing, these tiny little Mini Tassels. Aren’t they just the cutest? I can’t wait to add them to everything.

These are soooo easy to make too. And fun. Anytime you can use cutlery while crafting is a win-win for me. I totally got carried away and made up a ton of these.

All you need is some embroidery floss – contrasting colors if you want, a fork and sharp scissors. Boom.

Miniature tassel supplies

Here’s the drill:

  1. Begin by cutting about a 6″ length of floss, the same color as your main tassel color. Lay this along the left side of the fork tines. Start wrapping your floss around all the fork tines, covering the length of floss at the same time.
  2. Wrap the fork times at least 50 times. Don’t go too crazy – I think 80 – 90 times will make it too hard to get the next step tight. Cut your thread so the end is opposite your loose thread at the top.
  3. Tie the loose thread in a knot on the left side of the fork. You want this knot as close to the thread as you can get it, and as tight as possible. This is the thread you’ll use to attach your tassel to whatever you want.
  4. Cut a length of thread (contrasting if you want) at least 12″ long. Knot the thread around your wrapped thread, between the first and second tines.
  5. Flip the fork over and wrap the ends of your contrasting thread through to the back of the tassel. Knot in place on the back side.
  6. Repeat the knots on the front and back two more times. You want this to be tied nice and tied, otherwise your tassel will all come undone. Trim the floss ends close to the knot. You can add a tiny spot of glue to the knot for extra security if you’d like.

Mini Tassel Steps

Slip the tassel off the fork. Using sharp scissors, cut the bottom looped section in half. Trim up any uneven threads if you want.

Cutting ends of tassel

Now you have a super cute, super tiny tassel!

Mini Embroidery Thread Tassel

Get carried away and make up a ton more. Go on. It’s fun!

miniature tassels for scarf

I have a super fun project using these tassels over at Lil’ Luna! Head over there to check out this cute and simple DIY Spring Patchwork Scarf!

Simple DIY Spring Patchwork Scarf

I am thinking now I need to add these to some pillows! Wouldn’t that be so cute?

How to Make Miniature Thread Tassels

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  • Reply February 26, 2014


    They are so cute! And you’re right, everything is better in miniature – now to get thinking on what I own that needs tassles!

  • Reply February 26, 2014


    Too adorable!!! Thanks for the photos. They made everything crystal clear. Think I will try some of these as embellishments on cards.

  • Reply October 18, 2015

    AmyCat =^.^=

    If you use the same color throughout, you can use a tapestry needle to pull the ends of the wrap-and-tie cord under the wrap and inside the rest of the tassel, rather than cut them off close to the knot.

  • Reply January 2, 2016


    thank you for sharing your instructions — anyone who passes along instructions once they’ve perfected an idea is pretty cool “by my book”! “happy crafting”, and “blessings”!……………..btw, happy new year too : )

  • Reply May 25, 2016


    I loved this tutorial! I hope you don’t mind, I linked to it in my blog post where I sewed mini tassels onto my hat!

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