Pearl and Chain Fringe Necklace

I love the look of a strand of pearls – it’s so pretty and classic. Plus it just says “mom” to me.

It’s probably Donna Reed’s fault.

So since we’re doing a bit of Mother’s Day prep – I thought it would be fun to do up a pearl necklace. But my version is mixed with a little chain and fringe!
(For those not-so-Donna Reed-ish Mom’s like me.)
It’s quick and fun and you can whip one up in time for Mother’s Day!

It’s a sweet fringe necklace made from multiple strands of chain and some fun blue pearls!

Ready for a quickie tutorial?
Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

Three strands of different fashion chain – 24″ each
Extra 24″ of one of the chain styles
assorted size pearls (about 28 of 3 different sizes)
head and eye pins
lobster closure and jump ring
(All supplies available at Michaels)

Start by cutting your 24″ lengths of chain into 8″ sections.
For two of these groups, add a jump ring to one end of the chains.

Add a pearl bead to an eye pin. Create a loop at the other end, so that both ends of the pearl have loops.
(Click here for instructions on making loops with wire)

Open up one of the loops and add the three loose ends of the chain group to the loop – then close it.

Cut the last group of 8″ chains into 2 – 2″ sections and 1 – 4″ section.
Add one of the 2″ groups of chains to the other loop on the pearl.

Repeat with the other side of the necklace, then add another pearl (with loops) to the end of the 2″ sections.
Connect the sides of the necklace with the 4″ section of chains between the bottom two pearls.

(So your chain lengths are: 8″ – 2″ – 4″ – 2″ – 8″.)

From your last 24″ of chain, cut 4 – 2″ pieces, 4 – 2 1/2″ pieces and 2 – 3″ pieces.

Add your pearls to head pins (pins with a flat end) and create loops above each bead.
You should have 4 small pearls, 4 medium pearls and 2 large.

Add these loops above the pearls to the ends of each piece of chain.

Add pearls on head pins to the other end of each chain strand also.
Begin with the two longest 3″ strands, and add them to the bottom center of the necklace through the links of chain by the loops in the top pearls of each chain.
Work your way out to each side, adding the shorter chains to each side of the longer chains.

Add head pins to 6 – 8 more pearls and add these to the center chains, catching all three chains in the center section through the loops to help hold them together.
You can add as many as you’d like to have it looking full – just try to keep the larger pearls in the center and then the medium pearls to the sides.

Add a large jump ring and lobster closure to the ends of the necklace. You can also add a small pearl and chain to the side with the lobster clasp – this adds a bit of cuteness plus you can extend the length of your necklace of you want!

And that finishes off your fun Fringe necklace!

I think the combination of the different chains is so fun . . .

And the pretty fringe will add such a great pop of color to any outfit!

Plus – chain fringe is just plain fun. Add in some sweet blue pearls? You have a great necklace that mom – or anyone – will love!

What do you think? Isn’t it a fun take on a pearl necklace for mom? Or you!!

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  • Reply May 2, 2012


    This is a really lovely update n the traditional pearl necklace! I am sure anyone would be thrilled to receive this as a gift, especially Mom’s. Thanks for the great tutorial, you always explain things so thoroughly and it really helps to have such clear photos as well. Beautiful job!

  • Reply May 2, 2012


    This is gorgeous! I am making this soon, maybe for my mom for her birthday.

  • Reply May 2, 2012

    Heidi aka Digital Misfit

    That is SO beautiful! I love the mixed metals – the little touch of the shiny silver jump rings contrasting with the dark gunmetal chain fringe is a great detail!

  • Reply May 2, 2012

    Divya N

    A great take on the mommy pearl necklace…PS: I love the burlap neck form…did you make that?

  • Reply May 2, 2012


    omg this is beautiful! since I am a mommy I would love this for me me me! I know the reality is that I will not be able to whip this up anytime soon so I will save the project for the near future. I just needed to comment how lovely it turned out, your step by step tutorial is thumbs up fantastic. thank you for sharing this.

  • Reply May 2, 2012


    Beautiful necklace Bev. What’s funny is that I really do not like pearls at all but the black/dark pearls I love. Weird huh?

  • Another wonderful jewelry tutorial, Bev! I’m loving the mix of different colored chain and those beautiful blue pearls. This is no Donna Reed necklace! :)

  • Reply May 2, 2012

    Mod Podge Amy

    Really pretty! Love the color of the beads. A great shade of blue!

  • Hi Beverly, It’s hard to believe it’s over 6 months since you had the blog social. Your tutorial is so easy to read that I’m inspired to make a necklace (maybe a bit different). I like the term “jump ring” and yes I’ve seen that term before.


  • Reply May 3, 2012

    Holly Lefevre

    Bev – this is just gorgeous. It s so me – a little pearl, a little chain…pretty but edgy. I pinned it!

  • Oh Bev this is one of your most gorgeous pieces ever!!! I love the combo of the pearls and chain!

  • Reply May 6, 2012


    stumbled you!!!! I’m glad you can do this … I can’t!!!! So intricate! oy! Great job!!!

  • Reply May 6, 2012


    Bev this necklace is so pretty! You’re a jewelry genius. :)

  • Just wanted to let you know I featured this as part of my link party wrap up!

  • Reply May 8, 2012


    That is a fun mix of chains. Fringe necklaces are always fun. Love the blue color of the pearls too.

  • Reply May 9, 2012


    I LOVE IT! It’s so cute!!!


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