Chain & Pearl Multi-Row Bracelet

What sites do you browse when you’re bored?

Me? Overpriced Jewelry websites.

Here’s how it goes:

I can make that,  I can’t make that, I can make that – but why would I??? I cannot believe that costs $499 – what is it made of? Plutonium?

I was trolling through Saks 5th Avenue a little while ago and come across a little gem.
Ok – lots of little gems. :) But one bracelet in particular stood out as a perfect gift idea!

It’s a David Yurman: Hematite & Pearl Sterling Silver Multi-Row Bracelet.
Quite a mouthful. This little puppy retails for $1200.  No – that decimal is not in the wrong place.
I’m thinking Hematite must be mined on Mars or something.

Anyway – it was a super cute – and totally knockoffable (my new fav word) bracelet!!
Ready to see mine??

And here’s Dave’s:

Ok – so mine is more “inspired by” –  but I love the look of the multiple chains and the pearls together!!

This is a really easy bracelet – you can whip a bunch of these up by Christmas.
Also, my favorite part? I had all the chain for this in my scrap section. Yep – all those little pieces of chain I’d saved? (Can you say packrat?)
Perfect for this!!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Assorted chain pieces – vary your colors and width
(You’ll need at least 15 – 18 lengths – mine are 6 1/2″ each)
Pearls – two sizes
Eye Pins
Multi-Chain Closure
6 Jump rings
Wire Cutters, Round Nosed Pliers

You’ll be using a Multi-Chain Closure for this bracelet. It’s a bar with at least 3 loops – and usually has the closure (in this case a lobster clasp) attached.

Begin cutting your lengths of chain. I wanted a variety on each section so I made little piles of the different chains. There are 5-6 in each section.

Add the chains from one section to a jump ring. Add the jump ring to a loop on one of the closure pieces.
Place the other ends of the chains onto another jump ring. Add this ring to the opposite ring on the other closure piece.

Repeat for the other two sections of chain – adding them to the other loops on the closure pieces.

Time to get your pearls ready. You’ll be putting them on eye pins – little wires with a loop on one.
Slide a pearl onto the wire.

Hold the straight end of the wire just above the pearl with your Round Nose Pliers.
Wrap the end of the wire around the tip of the pliers and cross it over above the pearl.

With your wire cutters, trim the end of the wire off, just above the pearl where the wires cross.

Now you should have a little loop on each end.

Make more pearls sets – I used 6 small and 3 large pearls.

Connect the pearls with small pieces of chain – making sure they measure the same finished length of your other chains.

Repeat for the other two strands with pearls. Alternate the placement of the pearls so each strand is a little different.

Add a pearl strand to each of the three chain sections on the bracelet.

And Ta-Da!! You just saved $1196. Or so. :)

I love that you could customize it with different chains or beads.

It’s lightweight too!

I hope you like it!! :)

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    Beautiful bracelet. Has a timeless look that is still on trend. love your page and jewelry ideas.

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