Vintage Syle Winter Wonderland Wreath

Vintage Style Winter Wonderland Wreath

Well I am super excited to share my new Christmas Wreath with you today! If you have visited here before you know that I love things with a colorful retro feel to them – so this wreath was a perfect fit for that vintage style! I am just all in…

Pretty Vintage Handkerchief Necklace

Easy Vintage Handkerchief Necklace

I am always on the looking for fun vintage goodies at the thrift stores – you can usually find much better prices on things there rather than antique stores. Though sometimes they are a little more “loved”. And by loved I mean stains and holes and such. But sometimes you…

Halloween Mantel Black and White

Vintage Black and White Halloween Mantel

I am so excited to show off our Halloween Mantel for this year! This year we’re in a new house! So I have this amazing antique marble fireplace to play with and this dark red wall. Which I confess I would rather not be red. But I am totally up…

Handkerchief Curtain valances

Colorful Vintage Handkerchief Valances

In our sweet little new farmhouse in Tennessee I have a sewing room! (That deserves a few more !!!!!) Ok, it’s not just a sewing room, it’s a crafting, painting, jewelry, sewing room. What do they call those? Well, whatever it is, it’s all mine. I’ve been working on getting…

Framed Pom Pom Monogram Wreath

I am kind of addicted to all things pom pom right now. They are so fun to make and so easy. For me, they are the perfect activity to sit and do while I’m watching a movie in the evenings. Because I can’t just sit there and do nothing you…

Vintage Fabric Wrapped Ampersand

I have a deep and abiding love for vintage fabrics. They are so pretty and colorful, and I love all their sweet florals and patterns. And since my previous job was as a graphic/website designer, I have a thing for typography too. This giant Vintage Fabric Wrapped Ampersand is the…

Get Out of Town Hoop Art

Retro Camper Embroidery Hoop Art

Summer is around the corner! And that means vacation time. Now someday I would love to have a fabulous pink and turquoise retro camper that is all decked out with pretty fabrics and a bunting to roam the country in. Though if it is pink and turquoise and buntinged (totally…

Vintage Floral Vases

diy Vintage-Style Floral Milk Vases

It is no secret that I love playing with vintage fabrics – and finding pretty antiques to decorate the house with. Sometimes I can’t find what I want – so I have to just make it myself! A couple of months ago I found the coolest floral pitcher on Etsy,…

But First Coffee Hoop

Simple Embroidery Stitched Coffee Hoop Art

I have a sweet little embroidery hoop project to share with you today – this “But First, Coffee” embroidery hoop art! It’s simple and quick and would look so perfect hanging next to your coffee maker! I have a little coffee “station” – which is really just a corner of our…

Totes Canvas Tote

“Totes” Cute Canvas Tote Bag

I don’t think you can have too many totes – do you? I mean, you need to have different totes for different occasions – and for different outfits right? I think so too. A month or so ago I came across this list of the 50 Best Bags of Fall 2014….

Large US Map Hoop Art

Huge Fabric US Map Hoop Art

Do you ever see something at the thrift store, and your heart just about stops? You don’t want to draw attention to it, on the scary chance that someone else will spot it and make off with it before you get your hands on it. So you do a subtle…

simple lace diy headband

Super Simple Lace DIY Headbands

While I love detailed projects, and even projects that take a lot of time (I’m weird like that), sometimes I just want something fast and easy. Especially when that project is something that I end up using all the time. That is definitely the case with these Simple DIY Lace…

hello embroidery

“Hello” Embroidered Pendant Necklace

I reaallllly love fun and unique jewelry. Ok. So I love all jewelry. But there is something special about a jewelry piece that doesn’t come from your average store – plus it’s so fun to make things that are a little more personal and fit my style. That’s just the…

pretty bead and crystal necklace

DIY Blue Willow Statement Necklace

How do you come up with your inspiration for projects? I am kind of all over the place. Sometimes I like to start with an idea for the finished item and go from there – like making a fun hoop with cheery hedgehogs. Sometimes I find materials that are super…

Wooden Chevron Mirror Art

Chevron & Floral Mirror Art

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of FrogTape brand painter’s tape for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I have a fun new piece of artwork to show off today! It's this pretty Chevron & Floral Mirror Art!

Vintage Style Sign

DIY Vintage-Style Happy Place Sign

I have a fun new Sign tutorial to share with you today! I’ve been wanting to do a bit of artwork for my mantel now that it’s summer and I’m ready to change things up a bit. And since it’s pretty much common knowledge that I’m addicted to making things…

Vintage Style Gallery Wall

I have been giving you some sneak peeks at projects for my Gallery Wall the last couple of weeks – and the day is finally here to reveal the whole wall! Yay!!!

Home Sweet Home Embroidery Hoop Art

So I have been having a blast making some new Hoop Art – I can’t wait for you to see! I have been working on a little gallery wall in the living room and I wanted to create a fun piece of hoop art – so I came up with this Home Sweet…