Vintage Stitched Christmas Card Art

Don’t you love those old colorful Christmas Cards? I think they are so sweet – and sometimes funny too! The illustrations are so sweet – and definitely perfect for my vintage loving heart. I was browsing around online and came across this darling Vintage Bells card. Isn’t it great? I…

Pretty Vintage Handkerchief Apron

Colorful Vintage Handkerchief Apron

You might have seen this project a few weeks ago at Skip to My Lou – but in case you missed it I’m reposting it here! I love sewing all sorts of projects – but I have a special love for all things vintage. I think I was born in…

Christmas Fabric and Paper Gift Card Holders

Colorful Stitched Gift Card Holders

I just love giving gift cards for Christmas – it makes it so easy for the person to choose something special that they really want! But I also love dressing them up so they are packaged in cute ways! I’ve partnered with Target today to bring you a cute idea…

Pretty Mug Cozies

Easy & Cute Fabric Mug Cozy Tutorial

Are you working on your handmade gifts? I am slowly chipping away at them but I need to step up my game! I just love the convenience and ease of giving gift cards – but there’s a part of me that just wants to add a little something personal too….


25 Adorable and Free DIY Stockings

Even if you aren’t diving right into Christmas decorating – there is nothing wrong with getting started on your Christmas sewing! That way as soon as that last Thanksgiving dinner plate is washed and put away – you can haul out the decorations and have a party!! Oh – and…

DIY Fall Fabric Pumpkins

Colorful Fall Fabric Pumpkins

Last weekend I packed up my Halloween – much earlier than normal actually (I was shocked at how efficient I was) and have to say I was a little sad to see it all go. Things were looking a little bare – it’s that lonely time between Halloween and Christmas….


25 Colorful Scrap Fabric Gift Ideas

I am determined to get started on my gift making earlier this year! Yes I say that every year. And yes, it’s already November. But still. That last-minute rush around making gifts makes me a little crazy. And crazy isn’t exactly my favorite holiday mood. Sooo. This year I have…

15 Minute Cute DIY Skirt

Cute and Easy 15 Minute DIY Skirt

I just love fast and easy sewing projects – and when those quick projects are also sweet additions to my wardrobe – even better! This Cute and Easy 15 Minute DIY Skirt is so super fast to sew together – and easy to make up in your favorite fabric!  You could…

Project Teen Gift Ideas

Project Teen Book Review

I seriously have the most talented friends! I am so excited to show off the book Project Teen by the awesome Melissa from The Polkadot Chair! Project Teen is such a great book. And I’m not saying that because Melissa is my friend. I think she really did a fabulous…

Applique Fall Pillow

Vintage Pumpkin Fall Pillow

I’m kind of addicted to making new pillows. They are so easy to do and they can really change and update the look of a room! This Pretty Fall Pumpkin Pillow is just perfect for adding a little touch of Fall to your sofa. It’s an envelope pillow too –…

Selfish Sewing Week Dress!

Well I’m a little late to the party but I am excited to share the new dress I sewed up for Selfish Sewing Week! Selfish Sewing Week is a fun week full of inspiration to sew for ourselves! A bunch of bloggers have all teamed up with Indie pattern designers…

DIY Fabric Pumpkins

DIY Striped Fabric Pumpkins

Eeeek! Halloween is just around the corner! I am having so much fun pulling out all my spiders and skeletons and other spooky stuff. I’m working on making some new things too – like these fun DIY Striped Fabric Pumpkins! I’ve been wanting to make fabric pumpkins for a while…

Gold Polkadot Heels Refashion

Measure Twice, Cut Once DIY Heels Refashion

I hope you’ve been having fun this week with these cute Shoe Refashions! Today I’m sharing my favorite yet! I’m calling these my Measure Once, Cut Twice DIY Heels Refashion since they’re all decorated up with sweet measuring tape ribbon bows – and of course gold polkadots. Gold Polkadots make…


19 Fabulous Skirt Refashion Projects

When we were packing up before the move, I put together a box of clothes that I didn’t want anymore – but I didn’t want to get rid of – they were perfect for refashioning! I didn’t really know what I wanted to do though – so of course I…

Pretty Alphabet Sampler

Alphabet Embroidery Sampler

I am so excited to show this project off to you today! This darling sampler has been on my To-Do list I had purchased the pattern ages ago – it’s from the super talented Alicia Paulson. Other fun things kept getting in the way though and I sort of…

DIY Kate Spade Knockoff Bag

Kate Spade Inspired Bow Tote

Since we’re getting all geared up for Fall around here, I thought it would be fun to make up a new bag for Fall! Ok that’s kind of just an excuse cause I wanted a new bag – but it sounded pretty good right? I snooped around a little at…

Handkerchief Curtain valances

Colorful Vintage Handkerchief Valances

In our sweet little new farmhouse in Tennessee I have a sewing room! (That deserves a few more !!!!!) Ok, it’s not just a sewing room, it’s a crafting, painting, jewelry, sewing room. What do they call those? Well, whatever it is, it’s all mine. I’ve been working on getting…


19 Easy Projects to Sew for Fall

Are you so ready for Fall?! Me too! This will by my first Fall in the south and I am so looking forward to having a real Fall season – with leaves changing and cool weather and all sorts of other Fallish things. It’s not quite here yet though –…


Learning New Stuff – Zipper Techniques

Even though I’ve been sewing for a few (ahem) years, I just love learning new tips and techniques. I don’t think you can ever assume you know everything about a skill – there are always new ways to do things and even if you’re an expert it’s so fun to…

Easy DIY Apron

Easy DIY 30 Minute Apron

While I love adding in all sorts of details to my sewing projects, sometimes I also want a project that is fast and so super easy. Especially when time is running short and I need a gift or want to make up a quick project. That’s just what I have…