Spring Makeup Zipper Pouch

Don’t you get all organizey and inspired to clean during the Spring? I am definitely feeling like that - probably also because we’re moving and I’m looking at all the stuff and thinking “I don’t really want to move any of this.” Well I do much better with keeping things tidy…

Totes Canvas Tote

“Totes” Cute Canvas Tote Bag

I don’t think you can have too many totes – do you? I mean, you need to have different totes for different occasions – and for different outfits right? I think so too. A month or so ago I came across this list of the 50 Best Bags of Fall 2014….

Get Out Of Town Tote

Kate Spade Nautical Tote Knockoff

I’m pretty sure Kate Spade and I are long lost BFF’s. She makes pretty much everything with me in mind. I mean, it’s all classic style, Polkadots and stripes, bright colors, and fun pops of gold. What’s not to love there? About a year ago she thoughtfully opened up an…

Washi  Dress

Sew Our Stash for March

It’s the last Thursday of the month- which means that it’s time for the Sew Our Stash Post! The Sew Our Stash posts are a challenge that Marissa from Rae Gun Ramblings and I made together last year to sew more for ourselves – and to use up more of our stash at…

simple lace diy headband

Super Simple Lace DIY Headbands

While I love detailed projects, and even projects that take a lot of time (I’m weird like that), sometimes I just want something fast and easy. Especially when that project is something that I end up using all the time. That is definitely the case with these Simple DIY Lace…

Stripe and Floral Top

Stripes and Floral Knit Top

I have gotten so addicted to sewing for myself! It is so nice to be able to make up things to wear – the way I want them! This new top is part of the latest pattern release from Pattern Anthology. It’s the long sleeve version of the Day Tripper…

Roly Poly Fabric Easter Bunnies

Roly Poly Fabric Easter Bunnies

Easter is just around the corner and I have some fun little softies for your baskets – or just to make for your Home Décor for Spring! These little Roly Poly Fabric Easter Bunnies are so fun to sew up and they would be sweet gifts too!

Lace and Linen Bow Clutch

Linen and Lace Bow Clutch

Sometimes I feel like my style is all over the place. I really love modern prints and styles – but I’m also drawn to looks that are classic and kind of preppy. I think I have multiple personality style issues. Or maybe they’re not issues. Maybe I just need to be ok with…

ruffle knit peplum top

Sew Our Stash – February

It’s the last Thursday of the month – and you know what that means! Ok maybe you don’t. I’ll tell you either way. It’s time for our Sew Our Stash update! Last summer Marissa from Rae Gun Ramblings and I made a pact to sew more for ourselves! We also wanted…

How to Make Mini Tassels

So we’re agreed that everything is pretty much cuter when it’s tiny right? Tiny little desserts, wee tiny kittens, mini coin purses, and my new favorite thing, these tiny little Mini Tassels. Aren’t they just the cutest? I can’t wait to add them to everything. These are soooo easy to…

Penelope Peplum Dress

Sew Our Stash for January

Woohooo – it’s time for this month’s Sew Our Stash update! If this is your first time visiting, here’s what Sew Our Stash is all about! Marissa from Rae Gun Ramblings and I made a goal last summer to do more sewing for ourselves – and to use up our…

Love Note Valentines Day Bunting

Love Notes for Valentine’s Day Bunting

Well I have a little secret that I’ve been keeping – and I am super excited to share the secret with you today! I am the new sewing contributor for the fabulous blog Lil’ Luna! EEEK! I am so excited to work with Kristyn over the next year – I…

fold over snap clutch

Easy Pom Pom Fold Over Snap Clutch

I typically don’t love the color purple. I mean, it’s ok. I don’t hate it or anything – but I’ll pretty much choose most colors over it. But in the past year I’ve been wanting to make things more out of my comfort zone – and so I decided to…

DIY Infinity Scarf

1 Hour Floral and Lace Infinity Scarf

Scarves are quickly becoming my favorite accessory. They are so cute and I love them all. Crochet, pretty printed fabrics, infinity scarves – they add so much color and fun to an outfit. Plus I love the extra layers since I am pretty much always cold. They can be super…

DIY Embroidered Coin Purse

Quick and Easy Embroidered Coin Purse

Now that the holidays are over, things are a little more relaxed and we can take some time to do some easy, fun sewing! I have the perfect project to get you going again, this Quick and Easy Embroidered Coin Purse. This little coin purse is so fast to make and…


Top Ten Posts of 2013

Can you believe it is that time already? This year has flown by! I have had so much fun sharing things with you this past year – I so appreciate all your support and encouragement. And I am super excited about 2014 – I have some fun projects in the…


Fabulous Dress Patterns for Women

Hello friends!! I hope you had a wonderful holiday!! It’s the last Thursday of the month which means it’s time for Sew Our Stash. Every month Marissa from Rae Gun Ramblings and I get together and show off what we’ve sewn to wear this month! I have a confession though….

Collette top and skirt

Sew Our Stash for November

It’s that time of month! Time to show off what I’ve been working on for the Sew Our Stash challenge! We moved things up a day since Thanksgiving is Thursday! Marissa from Rae Gun Ramblings and I are committed to sewing more clothes for ourselves – and we are both…


Sew Our Stash for October

Happy Halloween! October has been the craziest month! If you haven’t heard me whining about it … lucky you. ;) But let’s just say that there is extreme business here. With the SoCal Social a couple of weeks ago, and a Craft Boutique I’m doing in an couple of weeks (!!!),…