Tiny Felt Embroidered Donuts

Tiny Felt Embroidered Donuts

I have a weakness for tiny little things – they are so much cuter! Last week I shared a fun new zipper pouch – all decorated with donuts and a cute little donut zipper pull! Today I’m sharing the tutorial for these tiny felt embroidered donuts – they are so fun and you can use them for so many different things!

Sweet Felt Doughnuts

I had so much fun making these – they’re all decorated with sprinkles and frosting and cute colors. They’re great for using up felt scraps too!

Cute Tiny Donuts

They’d be great as a zipper pull, or you could add them to paper clips for the cutest little clips or bookmarks – or you could make them into a brooch or hair clip!

Cute Donut Paperclips

Here’s your materials list to make these tiny felt embroidered donuts!

Per donut:

  • 2 small pieces of felt
  • DMC Embroidery Floss
  • fiberfill
  • hot glue

I used wool felt for these – it comes in such great colors and it lasts longer. But you can definitely use regular felt too.

Cut 2 small circles out of the base felt color. I used a spool of thread as my pattern – the diameter is about 1″. Cut a small circle in the center of both circles. About 1/4″. Cut a circle out of your frosting the same size, but then trim it so the edge is scalloped. You want it to be smaller than the base circles. Cut a tiny circle in the center – this circle should also be a little smaller than your base center circles.

Felt Pieces for Donuts

Place the two base circles together. Sew the center hole closed. I used a blanket stitch, but you can just use regular stitches too – these won’t show. I used three strands of embroidery floss in a matching color to my felt.

Sewing center of donut

Bring the thread up and take a small stitch on the back side of the donut just inside the top edge.

Sewing blanket stitch on donut

Start stitching the top edges together with a blanket stitch. Run the needle through both pieces from front to back, just under the top edge. The needle should pass OVER the strand of floss on the back side.

Blanket Stitch on Edging

Pull the thread tight.

Blanket Stitch on Donut

Lay the thread to the left. Run the needle again from front to back, keeping the needle over the thread on the back side.

Blanket Stitch on Step 2

This creates the blanket stitch. Keep stitching until about 1/4 of the donut is sewn closed. Add some fiberfill to this section with a small stick or pointed tool. I use a nifty chopstick.

Adding Fiberfill to Donut

Keep sewing and stuffing until the donut is closed.

Little Felt Donut

Now we’re going to add the frosting! If you are adding sprinkles stitch these on before you glue the frosting in place on the donut. Take small stitches at random places around the felt piece.

Stitching sprinkles on felt

Repeat with as many stitches and colors as you’d like. This one is super sprinkled. :)

stitched sprinkles on felt frosting

For the gluing part, I used hot glue because it’s nice and fast. But you can use regular fabric or felt glue, that will work too. Cover the underside of the frosting piece, making sure you cover the center especially well. Place the frosting in place, then run a pencil (or your chopstick) through the center and make sure the frosting is glued well into the center. So it looks like the frosting is kind of “poured” onto the donut. Glue down any edges of the frosting that are still loose.

Gluing frosting to donut

For the drizzled donuts, glue down the frosting first, then run embroidery floss stitches across the top of the donut.

Little Felt Chocolate Donut

Keep making donuts because they’re kind of addicting. And they have no calories so it’s a win win!

You can add little french knots (like the dark pink one) or criss-cross drizzles (like the pink one). It’s fun to change up the styles and colors.

Little Felt Donuts

If you’re making the zipper pull, before you finish sewing the donut closed, add in a section of ribbon and sew it in place as you close up the donut. Finish the pull with a jump ring and a lobster clasp.

Little Donut Zipper Pull

Now you have a cute little stack of doughnuts to give to friends!

Cute Tiny Felt Donuts

Tiny little felt donuts

Felt and Embroidery Donuts

I’d love to see them if you make them up! You can post photos on my Facebook page or tag me on Instagram!



  • Reply February 15, 2016

    Kelly Delaney

    Bev! These are adorable!!! I am definitely making these! Thanks for filling my day with cuteness! LOL :)

  • Reply February 15, 2016

    Sue Keida

    Adorable! I also love tiny things!! Thanks for always inspiring me!

  • Reply February 15, 2016


    Oh my goodness, I can’t take the cuteness! LOVE these! :)

  • Reply February 15, 2016

    Maria Josefa

    Uma graça!
    Adorei e vou tentar fazer alguns!
    Grata pelo tutorial !!!
    Maria Josefa (de São Paulo/Brasil)

  • Reply February 16, 2016


    Your teeny donuts are so cute! I want to run out to the fabric shop right now and buy up some felt so that I can make a ton of them! Thanks for the tute!

  • Reply February 16, 2016


    Wowee! These are so cute! And they look pretty easy to make too. I’m pinning these for a future project :)

  • Reply February 28, 2016


    oh my Bev, just toooooo adorable! I think my daughter and I are going to start making little stuff for American Doll sized dolls (my niece has one and is coming for a visit and we decided we really want to spoil her as she is the youngest grandchild in the family) and this would be darling. Now just waiting for the husband to return from the US with the 18″ budget friendly dolls we ordered to play around with……..
    Thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

  • Reply February 29, 2016


    These are absolutely adorable! My daughter would love these too!! totally saving this!

  • Reply February 29, 2016

    Ruth - Tanama Tales

    Like tiny, adorable thinks too. Love this. Thanks for the tutorial.

  • Reply March 2, 2016

    kid can doodle

    Those are adorable and at first glance they really fooled me! They would be terrific buttons on a dress or pins or earrings?

  • Reply March 3, 2016


    These are just darling, and they combine three of my favorite things – fake food, miniatures, and donuts!

  • I love these! I’m planning on making a bunch of felt food for my daughter once she’s a little older for a play kitchen.. pinning!

  • Reply March 5, 2016


    This are absolutely adorable! I have pinned these too, as they are too precious to resist.
    Excellent tutorial as well.
    We would be so happy if you could join us at Thoughts Of Home On Thursdays and share your time and talents with us too!
    Thank you!

  • Reply March 6, 2016

    Create With Joy

    I loved everything you shared with us this week Bev – but after some hard decision making decided this was my fave!

    Congrats – you are one of our Featured Guests at Inspire Me Monday, Week #218 at Create With Joy!

  • Reply March 7, 2016


    OMG. I can’t stand it. This is SO CUTE. Just the picture itself is wonderful and makes me happy to look at. Sharing on my social media. Loving everything you do. Hope your weekend is amazing. Linda @Crafts a la mode

  • Reply March 10, 2016


    If I was to sew the frosting on the doughnut and fill the doughnut with cat nip,my cats would go crazy with this cute new toy.!

  • Reply March 11, 2016

    Jessy @ The Life Jolie

    These could not be cuter- what a great idea!

  • I absolutely share your weakness for tiny things and these are no exception. Plus, they’re food! So stinkin’ cute! Thanks for linking up at #SaucySaturdays.

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