Easy DIY Phone Charger Holder

Easy DIY Phone Charger Holder

I don’t know about you but I’m finding my phone battery runs down fast during the day. I think it’s probably the fact that I play Amazon music all day while I’m working, and possibly that I’m checking Instagram, emails and more all day. Oh and that doesn’t even count actual phone-type stuff like calls!

So I’m needing to charge it lots and I’m excited about this new easy DIY Phone Charger Holder! It keeps my phone up off the counter and all tidy, plus I can move it around to whatever room I’m in – super easy! I hate to confess the number of times I’ve tripped over my phone cord and flipped my phone onto the floor. We’ll keep that our little secret though k?

DIY Phone Charger Holder

It doesn’t take long to sew this up, you can make one up in about 30 minutes! And don’t be nervous about the little grommet at the top – that couldn’t be easier to install. You don’t need any tools!

Note: I don’t really recommend hanging this for any length of time from your charger, you don’t want to put a ton of weight on that. I keep a Command Hook next to my outlet and hang it there – it’s super convenient and doesn’t put any stress on your charger or the outlet!

Cell Phone Charger Holder

This sweet little pocket all dressed up with a bow is the perfect size for holding your phone, tucking in your charging cord, and even a set of earbuds! Wouldn’t that be a fun gift? A cute little wall charger holder and a matching set of earbuds!

Let’s get started!


  • Fabric
    • Main Front and Back – 2 pieces 10 1/2″ x 6″
    • Pocket Front and Back – 2 pieces 7″ wide at top and 6″ wide at the bottom, and 5″ tall
  • Fusible Fleece – one piece 10 1/2″ x 6 and one piece 7″ x 5″
  • Ribbon – 10″
  • Pom Pom Trim – 30″
  • 1 Plastic Curtain Grommet

To start, cut out all your fabric and fleece pieces. Iron the fleece to the back side of one of the pocket pieces and one of the main pieces. I like to fuse it to the pieces that will be the front, it keeps everything looking nice.

Wall Charger Pocket Pieces

Sew the two pocket pieces together just along the top edge, with right sides together and a 1/4″ seam allowances. Fold the pieces so the right sides are out and press.

Wall Charger Pocket

Sew the ribbon 3/8″ down from the top edge, along both sides of the ribbon. Form a little bow with the extra ribbon and hand sew the bow in place.

Front Pocket with Bow

Place the front pocket on the front main piece (the one with the fusible fleece on the back side) and line up the bottom edge and the sides. Sew the sides and bottom down with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Because the top of the pocket is wider, the pocket will stick out from the main piece just a bit.

Sewing front pocket to back

Use a spool of thread as a guide and trim all four corners so they are rounded. Sew your pom pom trim around the edge of the holder, 3/8″ in from the edge. Make sure the pom poms are pointing towards the center. Overlap the trim at the bottom and point it towards the edge, you’ll sew over this but it makes a nice tidy look once you turn everything right side out.

Pom Pom trim on edge

Pin the back main piece to the front main piece so that the right sides are together. Sew around the sides and leave an 2″ opening on one side, above the pocket. Turn the holder right side out through the opening. Press everything, then hand sew the opening closed.

Sewing front to back

Put the plastic curtain grommet in place, following the instructions on the package. These just snap into place, super easy. There are lots of grommets in the package so it works out great to make up a bunch of these for friends!

Grommet in Wall Charger

And that’s it! You have a super cute place for your phone while it’s charging – and a super safe place too!

Cell Phone Wall Pocket

I’d love to see a photo if you make one!



  • Reply January 13, 2016

    Trish Mollica

    Bev, this is really cute (and useful). Thank you for the great tutorial and for sharing this quick and easy gift idea. Happy New Year.

  • Reply January 13, 2016

    Debi W.

    Bev, This is a great idea! I like to make and give gifts for every and any occasion Valentines, Easter baskets, birthdays, stocking stuffers – but who can afford a weeks time to every gift? Thanks for sharing something quick and easy to make.

  • Reply January 13, 2016


    This is great! I will certainly be making a couple of these. Thank you for the tutorial!

  • Reply January 13, 2016


    Like it!

  • Reply January 14, 2016


    Great idea. Really cute, and useful. I am a little worried about the metal ring, though. It seems like it might slip down and connect the two prongs of the plug and short circuit it. I think you’d have to be very careful to hold the grommet in place while you plug it in and again as you unplug it. Hate to be so negative, but we do have to be careful around electricity.

    • January 15, 2016


      Thanks for your comment! The ring is plastic, it’s just painted gold. So no worries on electricity there. But I agree, it would be better to hang it to the side from a command strip if you’re going to use it often, it would put less wear on the charger. :)

  • Reply January 17, 2016


    Bev, your projects are fantastic. You have such a talent for picking the most beautiful fabric. Thank you for sharing with us at Snickerdoodle Sunday! Pinned and tweeted :)

    • January 18, 2016


      Thank you so much Laurie!! I so appreciate that!

  • What a cute project, perfect too because I’m always hunting down the phone charger. Would also make a great gift, thanks for the tutorial.

  • Reply January 19, 2016


    adorable!!! I love it- thanks for sharing with Monday Funday xo

  • Reply January 22, 2016


    Very Cute idea! Super helpful for all those short cords we have lying around we can’t seem to use without putting our phone right on the floor. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  • Reply January 22, 2016

    Lisa Silfwerbrand

    This is super cute! I love your choice of fabrics and what a great idea! Thanks so much for linking this up to the Bewtichin’ Projects Block Party this week! Hugs, Lisa

  • Reply January 24, 2016


    That’s so pretty! And so much better than having wires everywhere and losing your phone and your charger (something I do at least 20 times a day!).

  • Reply February 7, 2016


    It’s really pretty! I want to do it for my niece and I want to know your phone’s dimension to adapt this DIY for my niece’s phone.
    Thank you

  • Reply March 24, 2016


    This is the best one I’ve seen! This tutorial is wonderful (and well photographed). Where did you get the plastic grommet from?

    • March 24, 2016


      Thanks so much Jane! The grommet came in a pack from Jo-Ann – you might want to use a coupon for it! But you’ll have lots of grommets left over for gifts lol. ;)

  • Reply March 24, 2016


    Thanks! That’s where I found them-in packs-but the ones I found didn’t have instructions with them and I didn’t know if I needed a tool for them or not… /: JoAnn’s has like three different sections of different kinds/brands of them, so I thought I’d ask. (:

    • April 9, 2016


      They include a template. You trace the template, cut out the circle, and snap together.

  • Reply April 9, 2016


    Great project for a beginning sew-er! I made one this afternoon and am excited by how it turned out. Wish I could figure out how to post a picture!

  • Reply April 10, 2016


    I want to make this SO badly!!

  • Reply May 11, 2016

    Shannon Gibson

    What size grommets do you use? I see 1″ and 1 5/8″ options on Amazon and Jo Ann’s.

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