Cute Retro Style Office Space

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Cute Retro Style Office Space

I am super excited to finally be sharing part of my studio with you today! I’m working on it hardcore this month and I’m hoping to be able to do the final reveal next month, but for now, I’m starting with the space of the room where my office is!

Here’s a quick shot of the before. And, I’ll be honest, this is the cleaned-up version.

Studio Office Before

Lovely, right? Nay. All that dark-brown paint and the holes in the wall and no space for anything, it wasn’t exactly inspirational! My desk table was ending up full of clutter and office supplies, which made it really hard to get anything done. It felt like I was always dealing with the mess, so work took longer, which left less time for me time (fun things).

But now, it’s transformed! And organized and cute, which definitely makes it easier and more fun to get work done.

Cute Retro Office Space

I used some awesome shelving from Target as the base for the wall, and added in a bunch of cute decorative and storage things. Let’s take a closer look!

Vintage Style Office Shelves

I found this heart wire shelf and I knew it would be perfect for the center section of the wall. I hung white shelves on either side for storage. I love the way the white contrasts with the light turquoise of the walls. The whole room looks brighter!

Vintage Heart Shelving Decor

Vintage Cannisters as storage

I found these little pink and red strawberry canisters at an antique store. I didn’t have a plan for them, but I couldn’t resist them. I mean, come on. Those little strawberries! They make such cute storage on the shelves.

Pretty Office Shelves

Jar of Vintage Thread

Organized and Cute Office Desk

On my table. I have my new 2016 planner and a few office supplies. Have you checked out the dollar bins at Target lately? There is sooo much cuteness! I found these little ceramic pails there, and they are perfect for my paper and binder clips and pens! I’m really hoping that if I’m more organized with my planning this year, I’ll have more time for just hanging out!

Retro Office Style

I’m so excited with how this section came together, and I can’t wait to get the rest of the room finished!

Before and After Office Space Makeover

Target has some cute videos on ways to have more “me time” – this one has some great tips on de-cluttering! I know I feel tons better with my office all clean and pretty. Here are some great ideas for your space! Make sure you check out Target’s How do you do Youtube Channel for lots of great videos!

Find your style @TargetStyle.



  • I love you new office space! It’s such a great spot to be creative and get things done. Happy planning!

  • Reply January 21, 2016

    Andrea @ Chasing Strength

    This space is adorable! I’m sure it will be hard NOT to be productive when your in there now.

  • Reply January 21, 2016

    Jessica [Havok]

    Love this space! And I love how your shelves frame around the heart! It’s so bright and cheerful, I would never want to leave (and, uh, hopefully, you know, actually get stuff done and not just look at all the pretty things all day, ha!) :D

  • Reply January 21, 2016


    Such a cute space! I love how it’s bright and cheery and fun while still organized.

  • Reply January 24, 2016


    Really cheerful and sweet, congrats to you! Now if I can just muster up the courage to attack my office that has become more like a storage room, yikes! (I, like you, will opt to never show the actual before photo!) thanks for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

  • Reply January 25, 2016


    How cute! I am reclaiming my son’s bedroom and looking for ideas. Love those canisters! I have a set I just cannot part with and now I don’t have to!! :D What a great idea.

    I also like the heart shelf. Unfortunately they don’t ship. Oh well.

    My problem with my space is all the walls are slanted as it is in the upstairs. What a challenge…

    Oh and I see the little Stitch On stitchery I want to make is your’s also. I did a post on my blog on how I cannot find the supplies for it here. LOL.

  • Reply January 25, 2016


    That heart wire shelf is great! Where did you get the chair, it’s such a cool shape.

  • Reply January 25, 2016

    Whitney Shortt

    Very cute space! I love the yellow chair

  • Sooo cute! I would love to work in a space like this!

  • Reply January 26, 2016


    Holy moly – SO darling!!! Such a cute space, Bev!!

  • Reply January 26, 2016


    This is the cutest space Bev!! Love it all.

  • How adorable!! This is just precious. I love finding the most adorable things at antique stores. I love the strawberry canisters. What a great way to repurpose them and use them in a craft room or office space.

  • Reply January 27, 2016

    Condo Blues

    Such a fun space!

  • Reply January 27, 2016


    Very nice! Loving the embroidery map of the USA. Great decor ideas in that room!

  • Reply January 30, 2016


    1. Hecka cute! love it!!
    2. I totally went crazy in the Target Dollar Spot with all their cute office supplies.
    3. Did not know Target had a Youtube channel. Totally checking that out!

  • Reply January 30, 2016

    Lisa @ Fun Money Mom

    So cute…I love it! Doesn’t it make you want to work more when you have such a great place to do it in? Thanks so much for sharing with us at Share The Wealth Sunday! I hope you’ll come back and link up with us again tonight!

  • Reply February 1, 2016


    Looks darling! Love the table and canisters. Thanks for sharing.
    Lory :)

  • Reply February 3, 2016


    This. Is. So. Cute! I need to do this in my classroom!

  • I love this! Did you give the name of the paint color? If so, I missed it, sorry. I’d love to know. We are in painting phase. Finally getting our place in order after living here for a year and a half. This looks great. What I’d give for a studio! Thanks for linking up at #SaucySaturdays.

  • Reply April 9, 2016

    Jen @ upcyclednest

    What a difference! My son will be graduating to a big boy room in upcoming year and his nursery will be transformed into my sewing/craft room. I like the inspiration here!

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