Colorful Fall Fabric Pumpkins

Easy Fall Fabric Pumpkins

Last weekend I packed up my Halloween – much earlier than normal actually (I was shocked at how efficient I was) and have to say I was a little sad to see it all go. Things were looking a little bare – it’s that lonely time between Halloween and Christmas. I decided I need to get busy and make up some more Fall decorations to brighten everything back up!

This year I’ve been going with a bit of a non-traditional color scheme for Fall decorating. I love the green, rust and yellow combo, but this year I’m opening it up to almost anything. Green, pink, turquoise  – it’s all good! So when I packed up my black and white striped Halloween pumpkins, I thought it would be fun to make up a bunch more  – and came up with these colorful Fall fabric pumpkins!

Fall Fabric and Lace Pumpkins

I am super excited about these! I love the color combinations. And after making up so many of these I am a pro. haha. And my fingers are a little sore. But it’s totally worth it.

DIY Fall Fabric Pumpkins

Fall Fabric Pumpkins

Several of these are the striped pumpkins I made up before – all the instructions are in my tutorial. I made up a few non-pieced versions too. This striped lace fabric looked so cute that I though it would look better as the whole pumpkin!

For the stems I used little wood end caps. I glued vintage buttons to the top, then glued the end cap in place. I finished it off with a little lace bow. So easy.

Sweet Little Stuffed Fabric Pumpkin

These fabrics are all from the gorgeous Blend Line – Modern Lace. I thought the colors were perfect for these little pumpkins!

Turquoise Fabric Pumpkins

Lace and Fabric Fall Pumpkins

On a couple of the pumpkins I added a little doily before doing the segment stitches. I love the contrast it adds – especially on the navy pumpkin. It’s super easy to do. You just lay the doily over the pumpkin where you’d like it, then sew the segments on as normal. The embroidery thread pretty much holds the doily in place but if there are any edges that stick up, you can add just a bit of glue to hold them in place.

Doily and Fabric Pumpkin

Have you tried them yet? I’d love to see a photo if you do!

Easy Fall Fabric and Lace Pumpkins


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    I made two pumpkins today! They are so cute. Thanks for the great tutorial. I am going to make a few more but think I’ll make them a bit larger than the largest measurements.

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