Pretty Leather and Chain Braided Bracelet

I have a fun new chain bracelet tutorial for you today! It is super simple to make – which is my favorite type of jewelry.

Pretty DIY Leather and Chain Bracelet

This braided leather and chain bracelet is so pretty and simple enough to wear by itself, or you could wear it with other bracelets for a fun layered look!

I just love simple accessories like this during the summer especially. You don’t end up weighed down with a bunch of jewelry, but you have a little extra something to dress up your outfit.

Leather and Chain Bracelet

Braided Leather Bracelet (2)

Ready to get started?

Supplies needed to make your own leather and chain bracelet:

Begin by cutting three lengths of cording that are 8″ each. Place the ends of the cording into one of the ribbon clamps, along with the end of the chain, and close the clamp.

ribbon clamp with leather

Begin braiding the leather. Keep the gold chain with one of the leather pieces as you go.

braided leather bracelet

Once you reach the end, cut your leather and chain at 6″. You’ll need wire cutters for the chain. Keep the braid in place and clamp the other end with the other ribbon clamp.

braided leather and chain

Now you have a cute braided leather and chain bracelet! To add the connector piece, add a small jump ring to one loop of the connector. Measure out the middle of the braid and place the connector there, then loop the jump ring through a link of the gold chain nearest to it. Close the ring. Repeat for the other side of the connector.

pretty stone on leather braid

Move the connector piece to the side of the braid lightly and add a little glue to the back. Place the piece back over the braid and let dry. This will help keep the connector in place on the braid.

Finish off your bracelet with the two toggle pieces. You will probably need a larger jump ring on the bar end of the toggle, so switch that out for the one that comes with the kit. Otherwise you won’t be able to fit the bar through the ring.

toggle closure

And that is it! You have a sweet new leather and chain bracelet that is perfect for summer!

Braided Chain and Leather Simple Bracelet

I hope you give it a try!

Chain and Leather Bracelet (2)

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  • SOOOO pretty, Bev! I love that stone. And the extra bling of the chain mixed with the leather cording is perfect!

    • November 10, 2015

      Libba Guyton

      If I cut three at 8″ each, and then braid, that will not be long enough because as you braid, you use up the 8″ length.
      Or have I missed something here?

    • November 10, 2015


      Hi Libba,
      The end clamps and closure add about 1 1/2″ to the length of the bracelet. So once you braid the leather and chain you want to cut the braid to 6″ and then add the closures. Now if you want your bracelet longer than about 7 1/2″ you can leave your braid longer. I hope that helps!

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