DIY Summer Garden Bracelet

Summer Garden Cuff DIY

One of my favorite things to do when making jewelry is to mix and match different patterns and textures. I think it makes the jewelry so much more interesting and you have so many options for customizing!

Today I am showing off my new DIY Summer Garden Bracelet and I love the combination of textures in it! It’s all decorated up with pom pom trim, rhinestones, and this gorgeous floral fabric. It has such fun colors for summer!

Rhinestone and Floral Cuff

The cuff is decorated down to the connecting piece – this fabulous clip that has a vintage look to it.

Inside of Floral Bracelet

It is a no-sew project too – so you can make one up easily and without a sewing machine or even without jewelry tools!

Pretty Summer Floral Bracelet

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own. All my supplies came from Jo-Ann Fabrics and Craft Store except for the leather backing. Though they do have leather pieces there.

  • Floral Fabric  – small piece 9″ x 4″
  • Heavyweight Fusible Interfacing – 8″ x 3″
  • Leather Piece (or a heavyweight fabric for backing) – 8″ x 3″
  • Rhinestone pieces for decorations
  • Connector clip (in the button section)
  • E-6000 Glue
  • Mini Pom Pom Trim

Begin by drawing out your bracelet shape. You will want a long oval that is the width of your wrist plus 1/2″  by 2″ tall. Cut out a piece of leather using this oval shape, and cut out an interfacing piece the same size. Cut a piece out of your floral top fabric that is about 1/2″ larger than the oval all the way around.

Bracelet Front and Back

Fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of the top fabric. Clip the curves all the way around the oval almost up to the interfacing. Press the clipped edges to the back side of the piece. Glue down any pieces that don’t stay pressed down.

interfacing for front of bracelet

Glue your mini pom pom trim to the edge of the wrong side of the top fabric, just inside the folded edge so the pom poms peek out all the way around.

Pom Poms on Fabric

Glue the leather piece to the wrong side of the top fabric. Make sure the edges are glued down well all the way around. If you don’t want to use leather, you could also create a backing piece just like the front piece, with interfacing fused to the wrong side for stability.

back of bracelet

Turn your bracelet back over and glue on your rhinestone beads. You could also use buttons, vintage earrings, or any other cute decorative items.

Glueing Rhinestones to Fabric

Finish off the ends by gluing the connecting pieces on each end of the oval, so the hook and eye hang off the edge of the bracelet.

glueing connector to the bracelet

Let your bracelet dry at least 24 hours before wearing. And then you are all ready to dress up your summer outfits with your cute new bracelet!

Floral Rhinestone Cuff

Those pom poms just kill me. So cute!!

Pretty Floral Cuff

This bracelet was created with supplies from the Jo-Ann group of Big Bling products. They are having a super fun Instagram Sweepstakes too – you can check out the page to find out how to enter!

Big Bling Logo


I hope you give the bracelet a try!

DIY Summer Garden Bracelet


  • Reply June 17, 2014

    Michele N

    Ooohhhh, I love this idea Bev! I’m thinking I need to dig through my stash and see if I can fashion one for 4th of July although I would probably have to break out at least a needle and thread because I don’t think I have any connectors like that and I’m trying not to buy any more supplies. Thanks once again for inspiration!

  • Reply June 17, 2014


    That’s super cute! Love the teal leather and yellow poms. Thanks for the detailed tutorial.

    At first I read your blog name as “Flaming Totes” and wondered if I’d find a million tote bag projects. Flamingo Toes is SUCH a cute name. I’m attempting to crochet a stuffed toy flamingo. We’ll see how that goes. :) Happy Tuesday.

  • SO super cute, Bev! I love the fabric with the gems. Definitely fun for summer!

  • Reply June 22, 2014



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