diy Vintage-Style Floral Milk Vases

diy Vintage Style Floral Milk Vases

It is no secret that I love playing with vintage fabrics – and finding pretty antiques to decorate the house with. Sometimes I can’t find what I want – so I have to just make it myself!

A couple of months ago I found the coolest floral pitcher on Etsy, rimmed with this gold border around the neck. I thought it would be the prettiest pitcher – so perfect for my flowers that usually sit on my entryway table. Well, I procrastinated. Bye bye fabulous floral pitcher. Since then I’ve looked on eBay and in my local antique stores, but no luck.

I decided I’d just have to try and recreate it – and while I was at it, make up a few! So today I have a crazy easy tutorial for these diy Vintage-Style Floral Milk Vases!

Vintage Style Flower Vases

I am really in love with how they turned out! I used vintage sheets for the flowers and I pretty gold paper for the trim. I was able to put them together in an afternoon – actually much less time then I spent looking for that pitcher! :)

Vintage Style Floral Milk Vase

The white “milk glass” look is the perfect background the vintage flowers and since they are so colorful, you can add any real flowers to the vases and they look great!

Colorful Floral Vases

So here’s your Materials List if you want to make your own!

  • Inexpensive glass vases – these are from the dollar store and walmart
  • white gloss spray paint
  • fabric flowers – Or paper would work too
  • gold trim – I used a package of gold decoupage trim made by Martha Stewart, from Michaels
  • Dishwasher safe GLOSS decoupage – I used Martha Stewart brand but I know Mod Podge has one now too
  • foam brush

Begin by spray painting your glass vases white. I recommend doing several light coats until they are completely covered.

Spray Painted Vases

Open up the gold trims and begin cutting them apart. I have seen similar trims in the antique store – that would be super cool if you can find it. Otherwise these work great and they come with enough trim that you could share the package with a friend and have a crafty day.

Gold Embellishments

Decide where you’d like the trim on the vase and measure down from the top. Mark the line for the trim all the way around the vase with a light pencil mark, so your trim doesn’t wave around the vase. Using a fabulous gold glitter pencil for your marking is completely optional but highly recommended.

marking line on vase

Apply the decoupage with your foam brush to the back of the trim. Place it on the vase, along your marked line. Brush on another light coat of decoupage over the gold trim. It will dry clear and glossy.

Decopauging gold embellishments to vase

Cut out all your pretty flowers. I cut mine from vintage sheets but you could use any fabric or paper.

vintage fabric flowers

Lay out how you’d like the flowers to look on the vases, then decoupage them on. Brush the decoupage on the back of the flowers, place them on the vase, and then add a coat on top. I brushed a light coat of decoupage over the entire vase. I don’t want the spray paint scratching or anything washing off.

Follow the instructions on the bottle to make your vase waterproof if you want. Two more coats over the next two days, and then let the vases sit for 28 days before washing.

decoupage fabric to vase

Repeat the process for any more vases you’d like to make – varying your flowers and trims.

Medium Floral Vase

Large Floral Vase

And that’s it!! Once everything is dried and cured you can add your flowers to the vases. And maybe throw a little brunch because you’ll definitely want an excuse to show them off!

Pretty Floral Vintage Vases

Floral Vintage Style Vases

Vintage Floral Vases

I hope you give them a try!

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  • Oh my these vases make me happy! I love how the bright florals pop against the white background. Well done!

    ~ Ashley

  • Reply May 19, 2014


    Very pretty

  • Oh, Bev, these are SO pretty! The glossy white vases with the decoupaged flowers are just precious. Definitely perfect for a brunch party!!

  • Reply May 19, 2014


    Bev! Theses vases look great! I always love the colors that you choose, so bright and fresh. Have a great week!


  • Ok, Bev! I love milk glass and these vases are beyond fabulous. This is a really cool technique to use on inexpensive glass. You have totally inspired me!

  • Reply May 19, 2014

    Nikki @ Tikkido

    How perfectly lovely! You did capture that vintage elegance perfectly, and the vases look especially spectacular grouped together like that. LOVE!

  • Absolutely gorgeous! I’m anxious to try the waterproof decoupage now. Pinning and stumbling. :)

  • Bev, these vases are GORGEOUS!!! They truly DO look vintage!

  • Reply May 20, 2014


    So pretty, I love the vintage look and I have so many glass vases at home I’d like to do something with. Pinned this, thanks!

  • I adore these, Bev! You know, I bought that paper gold trim months ago thinking I’d find all sorts of stuff to do with it. It’s still in the package.

    But now, now I have inspiration! Thank you so much. (I just might have to paint the flowers though) ;)

  • Reply May 24, 2014


    Very cute! Love how they turned out! Am thinking I could give my clear vases a makeover :)

  • WOW! These are adorable! I’m pinning – they’d make great gifts! Julia

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