Pixelated Fabric Heart DIY Pallet Art

Fabric Heart DIY Pallet Art

We are all lovey on the blog this week! Which is the best way to be really.

So today I have a fun décor piece for you – it’s my new Pixelated Fabric Heart Pallet Art!
I’m kind of into to this mint/gold combo on things now, I think they look gorgeous together. So I had to use some mint fabrics to make up my heart – and I have a little wrapped wire word – “love” to finish off the sign!

pixelated heart pallet art

The heart is made up of fabric covered blocks of different heights and widths – these are super easy to do, they just take a little time to cover.

The “love” is super easy to make too – and kind of addicting. I think I need to make tons more of these –

love pallet art

I especially like it with my little flying pig – though he goes well with pretty much everything.

Valentines Heart Pallet Art

So let’s get started!! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Pallet pieces – 4 slats for background (mine are 17″ tall) and 2 thin pieces for back support
  • FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam block building kit
  • fabric in assorted prints
  • 12 gauge wire for word
  • embroidery floss for wrapping
  • glue – you can use foam glue or hot glue

Start by assembling your pallet background. Line up your four slats and nail the two back supports on the back side – equal distance from the top and bottom.

pallet backdrop

Form your word out of the 12 gauge wire. This wire is nice and thick, but super bendable, so you shouldn’t have any trouble forming it into a word. Cursive works best since all the letters will be connected.

wire shaped word

At one end of the word start wrapping your embroidery floss (wire would work too!) around the wire. You can add a bit of glue to the end to hold the floss in place if it’s tending to come undone.

wrapping wire with floss

It’s ok if it’s a little messy looking, it won’t be noticeable. Plus a little messy is always good. (My OCD friends are cringing right now.)
Keep wrapping until the whole word is covered.

thread wrapped wire word

Oh so cute.

For your heart shape, draw out a heart that is smaller than your pallet. I recommend cutting this out of paper so you have it as a pattern, and as a base for laying out your blocks.
Place your pattern on the pallet and trace around it with the pallet.

tracing art

I don’t have a photo of this part – so hopefully you stop to read it and not just look at the pictures. Take your paper pattern and lay out blocks to cover the pattern. Lay the block so they overlap the edges of the heart just a bit. You will probably need to trim some of the blocks a bit to make them fit – that will just add to the cool look of the different sizes. Laying it out ahead of time will prevent you from covering too many blocks.

Ok, now we’re going to start wrapping our blocks. Make It Fun! makes a super cool block building kit that is perfect for this! It has tons of these little blocks all in different sizes – so no cutting the foam into tiny little rectangles. Boom.
These kits are super cute – perfect for building little houses  – oooh or if you have a Minecraft fan wouldn’t this be fun?

styrofoam blocks kit

So to cover these guys, you just need a little square of fabric larger than the block. Glue the fabric down on two sides, then glue down the remaining two sides to cover the whole block. The bottom side doesn’t need to be completely covered, it won’t show. It doesn’t matter if you do the short sides or the longs sides first, but I pick one way and make all the blocks the same.

covering foam with fabric

Now wrap up all the blocks – changing your fabrics up a bit as you. Maybe put a movie on to pass the time. Oooh. Or Sherlock. Sherlock and crafting go very well together. :)

Once your blocks are all wrapped up, start gluing them in place on your pallet. I recommend hot glue for this part – it will dry much faster. Start at the top of the heart.

creating pallet art

You’ll want to push the blocks together as tight as you can. There will be a few gaps, but it will look better if they are as tight as you can make them.

fabric covered blocks

Keep filling in blocks as you move down the heart.

gluing on blocks

Annnnnd more blocks. Until your heart is completely finished!

block heart on pallet

Glue your sweet little word in place on the pallet.

gluing wire love to pallet

That’s all there is to it! So easy and I like that it’s kind of different!

Pixelated Heart

heart diy pallet art

You can find more Make It: Fun® Foam inspiration at MakeItFunCrafts.com and CraftsnCoffee.com.
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Make It: Fun® Foam – all opinions and ideas are my own.

What do you think of the mint and gold combo? Are you loving it too?

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  • Reply February 5, 2014


    This is really cute! I was experimenting with a similar idea for Valentine’s Day cards this year. Love the 3D look!

  • Reply February 5, 2014


    I like this. It would look cute in a bedroom.

  • Reply February 6, 2014


    Oh wow, this is just gorgeous, Bev. I love the mint green, too — refreshing in this season of pink, pink & more pink! Thank you!

  • LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. This – may have to do this is an Indian fabric for my new home office!

  • This is SOOOO cute, Bev! I love the pixelated look. And that wire love sign is the perfect addition!

  • I love how this is 3D. It is so cute, pretty and unique! LOVE IT!

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