Lucky Shamrocks St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

Lucky Shamrocks St Patricks Day Wreath

I was taking down my Valentine’s Day decorations this weekend and realized I had a serious lack of St. Patrick’s Day décor to replace them with. Namely a wreath! I decided I better fix something up and quick – so I made up this new Lucky Shamrocks St. Patrick’s Day Wreath!

St Patricks Day Burlap Wreath

One of my favorite things about my Sweetheart Wreath was the little pearls in the jute and so I added some snazzy gold beads around the wreath, to go with the gold glittery burlap. I added a sweet little rainbow pennant too – because you really need a rainbow over your field of shamrocks don’t you think?

rainbow pennant for wreath

felt shamrocks on wreath

It’s so fun and colorful – perfect for adding a little Irish to your front door this month!

Lucky St Patricks Day Wreath

So here’s how to make your St. Patrick’s Day wreath!


  • 12″ foam wreath
  • burlap – mine is gold glittered but any neutral will work – about 1/2 yard
  • green felt in four shades – about 1 square of each color
  • rainbow colors of felt or fabric – small scraps
  • gold ric rac
  • small pins
  • gold beads – two sizes
  • glue for burlap
  • thread to match felt

Cut your burlap into 3″ strips. Glue the end of the burlap to the back side of the wreath and begin wrapping.

wrapping wreath with burlap

Continue wrapping the wreath with burlap. Make sure the strips start and end on the back of the wreath.

burlap wrapped wreath

To make your felt shamrocks, cut out small heart shapes from felt. You’ll want to have an open “V” in the bottom of each leaf. For the larger shamrocks, cut out two sizes of leafs in two different colors for each leaf.

shamrock leaf pieces

To make the leaf, layer the smaller leaf on top of the larger, lining up the opening at the bottom. Fold the leaf in half and sew the opening closed with little tiny stitches. You can glue this too if you’d like.

sewing leaf center

Make three or four leafs per shamrock. Most of mine have three leafs but I had to add in couple four leaf clovers for luck too!

shamrock leaves

On a couple of my shamrocks, I added a little stem. I glued the stem to a small circle of felt for the base. For the center of your shamrock, you’ll be using a small straight pin and a gold bead.

shamrock stem and base

Glue or sew the three shamrock petals to the base and stem.

felt shamrock

Finish the center of the shamrock with the little gold bead. This will make it super easy to add your shamrocks to your wreath, and also make it easy to change out if you ever want to!

gold bead on shamrock

Make up a bunch more shamrocks in different sizes and colors. Some of my smaller ones have just one layer.

Pin all the shamrocks on the bottom side section of your wreath, with gold beads in all the centers.

green felt shamrocks

For the pennant, cut out several triangles of felt in rainbow colors.

rainbow pennant pieces

Glue the triangles to a length of gold ric rac or something similar and tie a little bow on each end.

gluing pennant on ric rac

Pin the pennant to the top of the wreath, opposite the shamrocks.

rainbow felt pennant

To finish off the wreath, add pins to your smaller gold beads. Pin them into the wreath.

Gold Bead Pins

Add more pins until you have as many as you’d like. These add such a fun sparkle to the wreath!

That finishes it off!

Burlap and Felt St Patricks Day Wreath

I just love the way the gold beads look with the shamrocks! So cute.

felt shamrocks

rainbow pennant

rainbow st patricks day wreath

I hope you’ll give it a try!

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  • Reply May 29, 2015


    LOVE this wreath and the 3 of us in my craft club have started it, but we too are having trouble finding the gold beads. Were they in a package? I have found other colors similar to it, but no gold. Even online. We tried buying some gold Mardi Gras necklaces and cutting them up but that was a mess since the string is glued into the bead. Just wondering if you found them in a bag or were they on a strand? Thanks

    • May 30, 2015


      Hi Lia,

      I’m sorry you’re having trouble finding the beads! I found them on a strand in the jewelry section with all the other bead strands – I believe they were at Jo-ann. You might also try looking on Etsy, I found several shops carrying gold faceted beads that looked like they’d work. Hope that helps!

  • Reply February 5, 2016


    This is such a bright, cheery project! I have included it in my latest blog post: Thank you!

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