1 Hour Floral and Lace Infinity Scarf

Scarves are quickly becoming my favorite accessory.

They are so cute and I love them all. Crochet, pretty printed fabrics, infinity scarves – they add so much color and fun to an outfit. Plus I love the extra layers since I am pretty much always cold.

They can be super easy to sew up too – especially today’s 1 Hour Floral and Lace Infinity Scarf!
You can decide you need something fun to add to your outfit and make this up before you head out the door.

1 Hour Floral and Lace Infinity Scarf

This sweet scarf is super easy to put together and would make a great gift too – you could make it up in any fabric combo!

1 Hour Knit and Lace Scarf

I used a floral knit and a lace knit that I’ve had forever, and finished it with a little vintage trim. I love the extra little “something” the trim gives it!

knit infinity scaff

You don’t have to use knit to make this, any fabrics will work. And you can make it up with a serger or a regular machine!

Here’s what you’ll need:

14″ x 60″ pieces of two contrasting fabrics (can piece together if necessary)

60″ length of trim

(I think my shortest materials list ever.)

Infinity Scarf Materials

Begin by cutting your fabric into the 14″ x 60″ pieces. Most knits are 60″ wide so that makes it super easy.

Infinity scarf fabrics

If you need to piece your fabric to make 60″, do that now. You can sew a small seam and finish the ends, to make the seam as unnoticeable as possible.

adding to lace

Sew your trim to one long side of one of your fabrics.  Make sure the trim is facing in towards the middle of the scarf.

sewing trim to fabric

Place your other fabric right side down on this piece and line up the long sides. Sew the long side together, just inside the seam you did with the trim. Finish and trim the edge of the seam.

side seams

Repeat for the other long side of the scarf.

infinity scarf seams

Turn your scarf right side out. Line up the short ends of the scarf. Place the right sides of the lace knit fabric together. Begin sewing the pieces together, sewing up to the side seam, and sewing the floral short ends together. Continue through the other side seam and back onto the lace. Leave an opening of about 3″.

Pull the scarf flat so that the short end seams tuck in and there is a small opening in the center of the lace side.

sewing opening closed

Hand sew the opening closed and press the scarf.

That’s it!! Super easy right?

Now you can wear your cute new scarf!

Knit and Lace Scarf Tutorial

I’m thinking of all sorts of other fabric combinations – I will definitely be making up more of these!

Knit and Lace Scarf

1 Hour Scarf Tutorial

I hope you like it and will give it a try!

Have you made up any scarves this winter?


  • Reply January 15, 2014


    Thanks Bev for the great instructions. I’ve been wanting to make one of these scarves and this will do the trick. Love your choice of fabrics.

  • Reply January 16, 2014

    Alissa L.

    Hi Bev! I love this scarf and tutorial. Great job! We are always looking for more cute scarves to finish our outfits. I think this one would be a perfect project for me to do with my girls (ages 16, 12 & 8).

  • Love it!! I have been wanting to make one of these. I am definitely going to use your tutorial! I love the fabrics. The lace is so sweet!

  • Reply February 1, 2014


    Thank you so much for your tutorial. It’s ages I’ve been wanting to make one and now, thanks to your tute, I made a winter version. I posted about it here: http://ellaandnesta.blogspot.it/2014/01/sunday-stash-winter-infinity-scarf.html and linked back to your blog. Thank you again for all your great work.

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