So Fresh! Citrus Embroidered Dishtowel

So Fresh Citrus Dishtowel Tutorial

I have a cutie new dishtowel tutorial for you today! I wanted to make something fun that would be cute in any kitchen. I love the citrus-y look to it!

Free Motion Embroidery Dishtowel DIY

It’s my So Fresh! Citrus Embroidered Dishtowel and it’s decorated with a cute little lemons and an orange embroidered on with a combination of free-motion and a little zig zag stitching. Super fun to do.

Citrus Embroidery Dishtowel DIY

It’s finished off with the most adorable pom pom trim ever – this little gingham pom pom trim from Simplicity!!

So Fresh Embroidery

I think it would make a fun housewarming or shower gift too!

So Fresh Dishtowel DIY

So let’s get started on the tutorial!

Here’s your materials list:

  • Fabric for dishtowel – 21″ x 28″ (or use purchased dishtowel)
    This fabric is ticking I picked up at Jo-Ann’s. You’ll want to wash it first to remove the sizing in the towel.
  • Fabric pieces for main scrolled shape, orange and lemons and the white background
  • Wonder Under
  • Removable Embroidery Stabilizer – just a small piece
  • Ball or pom pom trim – 21″
  • Thread
  • Pattern for Citrus Design
    Please keep in mind that all Flamingo Toes patterns are for personal use only. Do not transfer or sell the pattern, or items made from the pattern.
    Also, patterns are for Flamingo Toes followers, so please choose to follow along before downloading any pattern. Thanks!

Print out a couple of copies of the pattern. You can use one for cutting and one for tracing the embroidery.

Cut the large background design out of both the white background fabric and the printed fabric.

dishtowel pieces

Cut the center oval out of the printed fabric. Cut out your lemon and orange shapes.
Iron wonder under onto the back of all your pieces. You could do that first instead if you’d like – then cut out your pieces.

dishtowel design (2)

Peel off the paper backing from the printed oval and fuse it to the white background. Fuse the lemons and orange to the front of the white background piece.
Fuse the white background to the dishtowel, about 6″ from the bottom edge.

ironing on applique

Using a small zig zag stitch, sew the applique pieces to the dishtowel. The fabrics should be thick enough, along with the Wonder Under, for you to not need embroidery stabilizer.

dishtowel design

Using your pattern as a guide, transfer the decorative accents on the oval to the fabric.
Put your free-motion foot on your sewing machine and drop your feed dogs.  Sew over the marked lines four or five times to do the decorative stitching. Make sure you vary the lines a little to give it a “sketched” look.

dishtowel embroidery

Draw the citrus segment lines onto the orange and lemons with a disappearing marker. Because the fabric layers were so think, I wasn’t able to put the pattern behind and use a light source. I cut one of the segments out of the pattern and traced inside it, then moved it over and repeated, to trace all the segments onto the pieces.

embroidery marking

marking for embroidery

Sew over the lines on the segments, and the inner line of the pieces. I went over these two times.

lemon embroidery

Trace your writing onto the dishtowel below the main fabric piece on the right side. You’ll need an embroidery stabilizer here – I used a sticky removable stabilizer from Pellon.
Sew over the lettering four or five times.

free motion embroidery DIY

Admire your cute new design. Happy dance is optional but recommended.

Embroidering a dishtowel

Hem the two long sides and top short side of the dishtowel by turning under twice and sewing all the way around.

Hem a pretty dishtowel

Turn the bottom edge under twice and press. Lay the pom pom trim along the bottom edge, on the wrong side. Sew the trim to the dishtowel, hemming the bottom edge at the same time.

Gingham Pom Pom Dishtowel

That finished off your dishtowel. Don’t you love it?!

Embroidery Dishtowel DIY

I think it will brighten up my kitchen – I might need to hunt up some other colors of ticking and trim to make some more of these!

Embroidery Dishtowel Tutorial

Citrus Embroidery Dishtowel DIY (2)

I hope you like it!

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  • Reply August 19, 2013


    Oh, Bev!
    I am absolutely on LOVE with this!!!
    The fabric is too lovely…! If only I could find it here… Same with the trim!!!
    And thanks for sharing the pattern!!

  • Reply August 19, 2013

    Milena Yancheva

    That is adorable! Thank you for the tutorial!
    Have a great week!

  • Reply August 19, 2013

    Susan @SugarBeans

    These turned out beautiful!!
    I love the fabric and pom poms; thanks for sharing!

    Have a lovely week.

  • Reply August 19, 2013

    Amy Mayen

    Oh Bev, it’s beautiful! If you gave it to me as a housewarming gift, I’d never, ever use it. It’s just so pretty it’s crossed the line from kitchen item to art. I love it, thanks for the tut!!

  • Reply August 19, 2013

    Judy Clark

    Bev – so CUTE!! Where did you find that darling trim? Really set it off!


  • Reply August 19, 2013

    Mary @ Redo 101

    Love it, so cute, great colors! The design is perfect!

  • Reply August 20, 2013


    I love it!! It is so adorable!! The colors/abric is so pretty. Thanks for the tutorial!!

  • This is ADORABLE!! I love the sketch look and the different stitches you used. And the pom pom trim just totally finishes it off! Great design and colors, as per usual!

  • So darn CUTE!! I want to make one. I love the pom-poms!
    I cannot wait to see you at Creative Tea Time!!

  • Reply August 25, 2013

    Diana Sanner

    This is so so cute. Thinking this might make a great Christmas gift for someone special. Thak you for all your sharing. Love following your blog.

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