Fabric Shopping Weekend in Los Angeles

Are you ready for a photo overload?? I hope so!!

I am so excited to share all about the fun I had at Fabric Weekend 2013 last weekend!


In case you missed my post before the weekend, Fabric Weekend was a gathering of about 20 sewing bloggers, from all over the country, all organized by Andrea from The Train to Crazy (who did such a fabulous job!). We met for a fabric shopping weekend in LA! And wow. It was such an amazing time.

So many of these girls I had never met before – and was a little intimidated by. Let’s be honest – these girls are apparel sewing geniuses. Seriously – we went around the first day and introduced ourselves, and had to say what our blog was and what we were wearing that we’d made. I had to say I’d made my earrings. And that was it. (hangs head in shame) But despite my feeling a little out of my depth, I sooooo enjoyed getting to know everyone! They were all soooooo nice  – and it was such a blast getting to shop with girls who really knew what they were doing.

So let’s get to some pictures so I can show you what we did!

We were just a little excited on Friday morning. :) This is Sabra, Marissa, Jess, Me and Andrea – and Abby‘s on the camera.


Our first stop was the FIDM school and store. They took us on an amazing tour through their classrooms and showed off some really fun rooms – for designing, knitting, and lots more!

bloggers on phones -jess
(photo courtesy of Jessica)

Jen, Me (and apparently something funny on my phone), Melissa, Miriam, & Leanne.

Then we were off to Michael Levine’s!

michael levine

We were so blown away by them! Larry and his daughter-in-law Regina provided a yummy lunch for us, as well as some goody bags with treats and fabric! Then we headed out for a tour of their a.ma.zing warehouse. Three stories of wall-to-wall fabric. Can you say heaven? And then it was time to shop!

Michael Levine’s has three stores in the Fabric District. Their main store (full of pretty much every type of fabric you could want), their home decor fabric store, and the Loft – where all fabric is sold by the pound for $2.50. Yes and Amen. If you are heading into downtown LA – Michael Levine’s has to be on your list of places to shop.

I had a blast being one of the weekend drivers too! Usually we had a car stuffed full of fabric and pretty girls.

(from back to front, Sabra, Jess, Marissa, Christina, Jen, Abby, Marigold, Andrea & Me!)

And boy did we shop!! This is after Day 1 – and this is about half of the group’s haul.
I just wanted to roll around in it. Well. Wash it. Then roll around in it.


Day 2 started with a trip to Mood LA!

Mood Group
(photo courtesy of Jessica)

Mood also took us on a tour of the store and we found lots of goodies there as well.
This top left photo? Yeah – piles and piles of leather. Yummy.

mood la photos

More shopping in the afternoon – some of us hit SAS Fabrics in Hawthorne and some headed back into downtown LA.

I was so lucky to get to spend the weekend with Andrea  – and to finally get to meet Jess from Me Sew Crazy. LOVE these girls.

(photo courtesy of Jessica)

Then it was off to GNO Los Angeles – hosted by Jessica from Me Sew Crazy. This girl knows how to throw a party!!

girls night out

We had adorable burlap swag bags waiting for us – full of fabric, buttons, and tons more. Then we were treated to a fabulous dinner! I loved having the chance to sit down and get to know some of the girls better. It was the perfect end to an unforgettable weekend!

GNO Group Shot

Sunday Andrea packed up all our goodies. And possibly needed a cart to carry it all. Ahem.
It’s hard to say no when you’re buying fabrics by the pound. Or for $1.50 a yard. So obviously I didn’t. ;)


Want to see some of my purchases??
I didn’t take photos of the leather or trim – but I have some gorgeous pieces of leather that will be making their way into new bags soon. And I have bags and bags of some leather cording – probably enough to reach from here to .. . .someplace far away.


This is my yummy selection of knits. I discovered I tended to lean towards blues and grays – through I did get a few other colors to mix it up. That top center blue is the most gorgeous ombre knit – I am thinking it’s going to be a new Maxi skirt in the next week or so.
It’s thin though. I’ll need to head into my local Joann’s and pick up some lining for it. And thread. And I think it’s time to break out the serger.


I had a hard time resisting the rayons and sheers this trip. I can’t wait to make up some light, fun tops and dresses this summer.


I also came home with some pretty cottons – that little sushi print is going to be pajama pants for my daughter – and the top left print is my very first piece of Liberty of London ever. I may just stare at it a while.

I came home all fired up – and ready to sew!! In fact – I have a super fun announcement coming up on Monday about just that! Woohooo!

So have you ever been fabric shopping in LA? And I’d love to know – where are your favorite places to get fabric?


  • Reply June 13, 2013


    Bev, I totally have that ruffled Anthro top in Navy. I love it pretty hard. Anyway, I’m super excited to see what you make with all your pretty fabric!

  • Reply June 13, 2013

    Diane @ Vintage Zest

    I haven’t been yet (and I’m so so close!), but it’s partially because I’m still a new-ish sewist and I told myself that I needed to buy “practice fabric” first before cutting into some nice stuff. :) Next time, I hope we can tag along!

  • How fun!! I’m living vicariously through you, Bev. :)
    It looks like you got a lot of GREAT fabric! I can’t wait to see what you make. And I can’t wait to hear your big announcement!

  • Reply June 13, 2013


    It was so fun to meet you in person! You got a lot of great fabrics! I hope to meet you again!

  • Reply June 13, 2013

    Judy Clark

    I have been there several times. I have a niece who lives in LA and I try to visit her a couple of times a year. Love Michael Levines – Mood’s wasn’t there last time I was so I am anxiously awaiting going back and visiting there. I just go crazy down there in the Fabric district. It is a sewing Heaven. Glad you had a good time. Wish I would have been there too!


  • Reply June 13, 2013

    Leslie K

    This looks like so much fun! I’m a SUPER novice sewer and usually relegated to fixing dance costumes, but I am totally inspired. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Reply June 13, 2013


    it was so great to meet you! you are one super sweet girl!

  • Reply June 13, 2013


    Wait What?? You can just “go there”? I love fabric! I love to sew stuff for the little girl in my life. I really enjoy shopping for fabric but in this town, the big box store is all that is available. I so envy you for being able to shop great fabric for next to nothing! I will have to find a reason to go to LA!

  • Reply June 13, 2013


    SUCH an amazing weekend! Thank you so much for driving everywhere! and I totally noticed themes in my fabric shopping that I have never picked up on. Funny how 50lbs of fabric all in one place can make patterns and taste stand out :)
    I had such a great time hanging out with you. You’re amazing!

  • Reply June 14, 2013


    I didn’t manage to make it to mood but did go to Michael Levines. I got some knit by the pound and happily piled up three arms full of bolts in the main store. I got only about 1/4 yard cuts of most of it for quilting. From the giant stacks of bolts I left with less than half a bag of fabric. My sisters thought I was crazy-“all of those for just that ?!?!”. I was proud of myself though. Maybe because the store’s so big they had quilting cottons that have long since sold out in other places plus all the new goodies. Great fun.

  • Reply June 14, 2013

    Terry Kessinger

    I was just there, visiting family. I was in L.A. for 9 days and went to L.A. 5 different days! Isn’t it mindbogglingly wonderful?

  • It looks like you had so much fun. I love fabric shopping in LA. I’ve never to Mood or Micheal Levine. I love going to a place on Beverly that like the places you went is jammed packed full of fabric, buttons, fur, leather. It makes me want to sew something about it. I need to get to the $2.50 a lb fabric place. Sounds amazing. When I was in design school we had a fabric manufacturer donate a ton of fabric once and we only had to pay $1.00 per yard. It was pretty amazing. The other fun place for fabric shopping in an area in Paris below a church called Sacre Couer. It’s amazing. Stalls and stalls of fabric. Beautiful.
    Have a great week. This was a fun post.

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