Simple & Sweet Shoe Refashion

Hi. My name is Beverly and I have a shoe addiction.

I have a weakness for cute, stylish, funky shoes.
Unfortunately I do not have an unlimited shoe budget. (Someday baby. Someday.)

Shoes are a little hard to go all DIY knockoff with too. Most of the time.
These little cuties are definitely the exception!

I have for you today my new favorites – my little Simple and Sweet Shoe Refashion!

Simple and Sweet Shoe Refashion

Aren’t they the cutest?? They’re all decorated up with glitter, flowers and bows. I mean – how girly can you get??

Simple Oxford Refashion

Roses and Bows

I based them on some darling Irregular Choice flats – their Craft Fair Artisan Flat. These cuties run about $145. We can do better than that!

Craft Fair Artisan Flat

Ready to get started on the Tutorial?

You’ll need:

Cute Oxfords (I found mine on Amazon here – Not Rated Oxford Shoes – but oxfords are pretty popular so you can find them most places)
Leather Scraps – two colors
Small beads – 1 for each flower
Glitter & Mod Podge

Here’s how my oxfords started out. I love the little glitter cut outs on these!
I thought the blue oxfords in the original were so cute – mostly because I could have told people all day to not step on my blue suede shoes – but I ended up choosing brown because I thought I’d be able to wear them with more.

Brown Suede Oxford Refashion

Start off by brushing the heels of your shoes with Mod Podge. Get a good coat on there.

Mod Podge Glitter on Heels

Cover the area with glitter – but try not to get any on the shoes. It will stick to them if yours are suede.

This is with one coat. After this layer dries – add another coat of mod podge and another layer of glitter. This will make sure you have the area covered really well.

Glitter Heels on Shoes

While your heels are drying, trace and cut out the leaves of your flowers. I just drew three leaf shapes on the smooth side of the leather and cut them out. Then I traced these three for the other shoe, so they’d match.
They don’t have to be perfect – just have a general, leafy look.

Leather Leafs

Now we’re going to work on the leather roses. These are so fun to do!

1. For each rose, cut out 2 small 5 point flowers and 1 larger 5 point flowers. The small should be about 1″ across and the large is 1 1/4″ across./
2. Clip in towards the center of each petal, just about 1/4″. Turn one of the small petals upside down. Glue a small bead (about 7mm) in the center. Add glue to one of the petals and fold the petal around the bead.
3. Add glue to the next petal. Fold this petal around the bead as well, overlapping the last petal just a bit.
4. Continue gluing and folding petals until the entire flower is glued towards the center. and you have a tiny rosebud.
5. Glue the small rosebud on the wrong side of the second small flower. Glue the petals up around the rosebud, just like you did with steps 2-4. Your rosebud will now be just a bit bigger.
6. Place the rosebud on the wrong side of your large 5 point flower. Glue the petals up around the rosebud just like the other steps. Now you have a pretty little leather rose!

Leather Rose Tutorial

Repeat until you have 6 of these little roses.

I think you can use this same method and add another set of petals – this will make an even larger flower. It would be pretty out of felt too!

Once you have your leaves and flowers all set – glue the leaves onto the shoe – towards the outside front section above where the laces go. I used a combination of E-6000 and hot glue. I think the E-6000 will hold over the long haul, and the hot glue made it so I could do each step faster, cause I’m impatient like that.

Leather Leafs on Shoes

Glue three roses on top of the leaves on each shoe. Same deal with the glues.

Leather Roses on Shoes

Cut a long length of ribbon and thread it through the holes for lacing. Trim the ends and seal with a lighter so they don’t fray.

Tie the ribbon up in bows and admire your super cute new shoes.

Simple and Sweet Oxfords

Aren’t they so fun?

Sweet Oxford Refashion

Refashioned Oxfords

What do you think? Would you give them a try?

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    Bev -I just wanted to let you know that I featured your amazing project on my new blog DETAILS.
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    OMGoodness! I absolutely ADORE thee shoes!! How in the world did you come up with this idea? I will definitely be making a pair (or 2…or 3) for myself and possibly anyone else I know who loves them. Thank you girl….you rock!

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