Ice Drops Necklace Knockoff

I have such a treat for you this week! We are having a super fun Jewelry Week!

Jewelry Week Day 1
Michele from The Scrap Shoppe and I have gotten together and come up with a week of pretty jewelry tutorials for you – with 5 tutorials this week on each of our blogs!
Each day this week I’ll be posting a jewelry tutorial and so will Michele! It’s going to be fabulous. :)


So let’s get this party started!

Today I have for you the Anthro Ice Drops Necklace Knockoff!

Ice Drops Necklace Knockoff

You might remember a few weeks ago I had a Choose Your Knockoff giveaway – and Anne, our winner, chose this pretty Anthro Ice Drops necklace!

Ice Drops Necklace

I changed it up a bit – I wanted something neutral that our winner could wear with anything!

Here’s the original necklace:


Let’s get started on the tutorial!

To make your own you’ll need:

  • Silver beads – 15
  • Focal Beads for middle row – I used 3 large and 4 small. You want yours to have at least two holes in the sides
  • Seed Beads
  • Teardrop beads – 14
  • Bead cording
  • jump rings
  • crimp beads
  • eye pins
  • head pins
  • Chain – about 40″
  • lobster closure

All my supplies came from Michaels.

Start with your small silver beads. Add two of these to an eye pin and create a loop on the other end. Check the How To Do That – Jewelry page for instructions on how to do that. :)

Beads on Wire

Repeat to make 6 more sets. Open up the loops on each end and create a bead chain by adding them together.

Silver Bead Chain

Add two eye pins to each side of your larger focal beads.

Adding eye wires to beads

Open up the eye pins and add these loops to the eye pins on either side of the center set of two silver beads. Close up the loops.

adding beads together

Repeat for the other two large beads – add them on either side of the center one.

Add an eye pin to one of your smaller focal beads – running the eye pin horizontally through the holes on the bead.

small beads and eye wires

Add two larger jump rings to the eye pin loops. Add these jump rings to the eye pins on the second set of beads from the left of your silver strand.

beading tutorial

Repeat for another small focal bead, adding it to the second set of beads from the right side.

Add the remaining two focal beads to the last set of silver beads on each side but use two smaller jump rings to connect them. They will lay flatter that way.

ice drops tutorial

Now we’re going to string up the drops. I’ll be honest – this does take a while. I timed it – about 7 minutes each. So grab a spot on the couch and throw on Pride and Prejudice.
Then put on Sense and Sensibility because you keep getting distracted by Matthew McFaydon. Don’t put on A Walk to Remember or you won’t be able to see the seed beads because your eyes will be so puffy from crying.


Add 1 1/2″ of seed beads to your beading cord. This is way easier on your sanity if you thread your cording through a tiny needle. Next add one of your tear drop beads. Then add another 1 1/2″ of seed beads.

adding seed beads to cording

To finish off the drops:

  1. Trim the cording but leave about 4″ on each end to work with. Put the ends of the cording together and add a crimp bead, then a small clear bead to the ends.
  2. Loop the cording through one of the eye pins on the base of one of the three large focal beads. Loop the cordings back through the clear bead and the crimp bead. Thread each end of the cording back onto the needle, then through about 6 or 8 of the seed beads on each strand.
  3. Using a crimp tool, place the crimp bead in the second little notch on the clamp.
  4. Crimp the bead flat.
  5. Turn the crimp bead 90 degrees and place it in the first notch of the crimp tool.
  6. Crimp the bead a second time. This will fold it in half again. Trim the cording ends. And if you’re paranoid like me, add just a drop of e-6000 glue to the crimp bead/cording area to make sure it holds.

ice drops steps

Create 5 more bead drops at this length. Add them to the other eye loops on the large focal beads.

adding drops to necklace

Make 8 more bead drops – but use 1″ of seed beads on each side of the drop beads. Add two of these strands to the outside eye pin loops, add the rest to the other eye pins.

beading necklace tutorial

Cut two strands of chain – 8 1/2″ long each. Add each end of chain to the eye pin loop at either end of the silver bead strand.

necklace chain

Cut two strands of chain 9″ long. Add these strands to the eye pin loops that are on either end of the two small focal beads. Connect these strands at the top with jump rings.
Add a lobster closure on one side.

necklace closure

Cut a small length of chain, about 2″ long. Add a silver bead to the end with a head pin/loop. (Check out the how to do that page for instructions)

extension chain

And you are done!! Not too bad right?

finished ice drops necklace

Here’s what it looks like on . .  not me. But still – you get the idea. :)

Ice Drops Necklace Tutorial

I had a bit of trouble getting this one to come together – but now I’m really liking how it came out! What about you?


Beaded Necklace Tutorial

Ice Drops Knockoff Necklace

And here’s Michele’s gorgeous project! I am so in love with this pretty Eclectic Braided Necklace she made! Head over to her blog for the tutorial!

eclectic braided bracelet

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  • Reply February 25, 2013


    I love your version more than the original, looks beautiful xx

  • Reply May 28, 2013

    Angie Glenn

    I like your “knock-off” version much better than the original, and the colors can be adapted to any color, even rainbow colors, which I think would look awesome, and would go with ANYTHING!

  • Reply August 19, 2013


    Hi Bev! Beautiful as always :) This has been featured today on Copycat Crafts

  • Reply November 4, 2013


    I like your version of the necklace much more.

    • November 4, 2013


      Wow, Thanks for the sweet compliment Karen!

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