I will MAKE because She’s Worth It project

I have an amazing project and opportunity to tell you all about! I am honored to be a part of a new project called She’s Worth It!

shes worth it

What it’s all about:

She’s Worth It is an organization that works to fight against human/sex trafficking and helping women and children that have been the victims of with recovery and healing.
Sex Trafficking is something that our family has been praying about for years along with our church, so when Andrea from The Train to Crazy contacted me about getting involved in a tangible way, I was all on board!

500,000 children between the ages of 5 and 15 years are forced into the sex trade every year.

The Make it because She’s Worth It Campaign is focusing on the girls and women trapped in sexual slavery/prostitution/trafficking – though we strongly support the rescue men and boys trapped in slavery as well.

What can you do?



There are a group of us working towards some specific goals with this campaign. Will you join us?

Make a Zipper Pouch or a Bracelet for a for a girl in Thailand, India, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Amsterdam or even the United States! Yes, this is not only a problem in other countries.
We’ll be distributing them through many organizations that work directly with women and girls fresh out of the sex trade in desperate need of love and healing.

Andrea will be sharing bracelet and zipper pouch ideas this week for inspiration – or you check out my tutorials. I have a few of both of those things if you need ideas.

Along with the bracelets and zipper pouches, we’re also asking that you donate $10.

Just $10.
Your $10 will be helping fund two projects we fully believe in. (If you can’t donate, we’d still love for you to make something!)

  1. Father’s House: a safe house for children in Cambodia who are at risk for being trafficked. This home is run by In His Steps International. You can read more about it here.
  2. The Sewing Project: we’ll be raising money for a group of mothers in an Indian village who have been freed from the sex industry and are learning sewing as a trade! The funds will also help hire a social worker to help them with them with rehabilitation. This project is run by Indian Rescue Mission.
  3. Bracelets & Zipper Pouch Project: These items will be mailed to ME and I will send them to the organizer of She’s Worth It who will be hand delivering some in Cambodia during her May trip there. She will be dividing the rest and delivering them to the organizations sponsored by She’s Worth It. You can see all the organizations HERE.

Online fundraising for Team MAKE raising money for She's Worth It!

 Are you ready to help?

Can you create something to show these women they are loved?
We would love for you to make up as many bracelets and zipper pouches as you want to send to the women!

If you are a blogger, would you be willing to join us? You can blog about the campaign, do tutorials/roundups, and create bracelets and pouches for the campaign!


Email Andrea at thetraintocrazy(at)gmail(dot)com if you would like more information about donations, what to send,  or how to form your own group. We will be mailing all our items to Andrea and she will be sending them to the organization for us, along with notes letting the recipient know they are loved and cared about.

You can also check out Andrea’s post at the Train to Crazy for more details.

We appreciate your time, donations and prayers! We want to work together to make a difference in the lives of these women and girls that so desperately need healing and love.

Make sure you come back tomorrow too – I’ll be sharing a tutorial for a bracelet that is perfect to show someone she is Loved!


  • Reply February 12, 2013

    Brandi McElheny

    LOVE this post. Thank you SO much for being a part of our little adventure, inviting people to get involved with God’s heart for Justice around the world!!! So glad to have your team on our team! <3

    (founder of She's Worth it)

  • having lived in thailand for some time I definitely have a special place in my heart for those caught up in this industry. Love to see this campaign all around blog world!

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