Guest Posting and a Question :)

Happy Wednesday All!

I hope everything is going great with all your handmade gift making!
I will confess to being stalled just a bit. I think I need to get my act in gear. What are we at – 21 days? Ack.

Well if you’re needing an idea for the foodie in your life – or just to put under the tree for yourself – I have a super cute one over at Eat. Sleep. MAKE. today!!
And – it may just possibly be . . . . . my favorite dishtowel ever.

So come tell me what you think!


On the handmade gift topic – I have a quickie question.

Do any of you make gifts for teenage boys? Is it impossible? :)
I would love to come up with something fun and cool, but I’m having trouble thinking of something.

I would love any suggestions or ideas you have!!

Thanks a bunch!!


  • I fold money into origami shapes or make a cute gift card holder. Teenage boys are DIFFICULT!

  • Reply December 4, 2012

    Tanya Phillips

    If they like jewelry, a leather bracelet, braided or if you are handy with a burning tool, or necklace. If they have a tablet, a homemade cover. Teen boys are so hard to craft for!

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    I don’t have any teenage boys to craft for right now but I saw this rubberband gun awhile back that looks fun:

    I also have a few on my own site that I think would work well:
    Rubix Cube Tissue Box Cover (like the one on Big Bang Theory):
    Kool-Aid Wallet (my husband even carries one!):
    Record Clock:
    Wrist Cuff:
    Secret Hollow Book:

    Good luck! Teenage boys are definitely a tough to craft for!

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    Jill H

    I’m making jewlery for my 2 step-daughters and also have a teenage step-son so I decided to make him a “man” necklace. I ordered a silver guitar pick shaped pendant with a dragon on it and am going to attack it to some black suede cord. I don’t know if he wears man jewelry but I wanted all their gifts to be even.

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    Shannon @ eat.sleep.make.

    Bev! We love your tutorial today! Thanks so much for sharing it on eat.sleep.make!!

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    Sarah AJ

    I just asked my sister for suggestions for her two teen boys: fleece blanket, flannel pajama pants, anything in their school colors (I think I’m going to make convertible mittens and a hat for that one). I also thought a root beer sampler pack might be fun, although minimally crafty.

  • How about fleece or flannel jammie bottoms with their favorite team or activity on the fabric. My grandsons still like Minkee pillow cases, so I make the cuff to match the jammies. Also like to fill those large popcorn tubs with microwave popcorn, their favorite movie boxed candies and a movie.

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    Jessica at Me Sew Crazy

    super cute dishtowel Bev! All I can suggest are wallets, things to hold iPhones and other electronics!

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    liZ evans

    Your dishtowel is adorable I just checked it out…so cute.
    Teenage boys are like smelly, awkard mysteries…trust me, I taught junior high for 8 years…good luck…I’d just chuck some junk food at them and call it good.
    (Let’s hope my ideas get better than that by the time Simon is a teenager….)

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    I think crafting for men in general is just about impossible if they aren’t into golf, grilling, or suit-and-tie businessy stuff. Maybe that’s just my hubby, though.

    Here’s a decent list that has some ideas I hadn’t come up with on my own, though I think they’re intended for Dads, primarily.

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    what about a homemade bean bag game or the washers game…maybe with school colors or favorite spots teams…I know those are played a lot at tailgating etc…

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    What about locker organizers? A fabric basket (licensed sports fabric would work) with magnets to put on their locker door and hld extra pencils and supply’s? Also zipper bags with grommets to fit a 3 ring binder.

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    Divya N

    well depends on the age and the sort of person – some teen boys (12-15) are into wearing cool jewelry like pendants with cords and cuff/band bracelets. For older ones you can make a phone/ tablet cover with any cool character of their choice – like batman or fav sport icons

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    Jaan L of Tx

    I crocheted the headfones cables…it helps keep them from tangling up badly. Its easy to do, and there are so many colors out there to use. One his mobile phone earbuds I used black and white. He loved them…so onward to all things cable he owns. Its a simple gift but one he really loves, now his cables don’t tangle into a huge mess. Also thinking of making an iPad cover for him…or several for his mood of the day.

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    Sarah McKenna

    Oh man, I LOVE those towels! Well done, as always! As for teenage boys, I think they just want gift cards! :)

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    I LOVE the dish towel Bev. Super cute. I wondered since there was a comment about a pattern for the jars if there is a download somewhere? I read through that post about four times and am not finding one. Help?

    Teen boys? Geez that’s a tough one. I had three boys and hubby brought one with him when we were married and I had a horrible time. The only thing they ever wanted was video games and batteries for their hand held games they ran through batteries like most people drink water. LOL OH and head sets for their music since they were always losig them or breaking them.

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    ReStitch Me

    Super cute towels! The choice of fabric was perfect for the mason jars. Teenage boys?? My two guys are into video games and snowboarding, so I’ve made several t-shirts and hoodies with their favorite games and snowboarding logo. (If you care to, you can view several ideas under ‘teenagers’ category on my blog. ) Also, my guys are into bow ties lately. I use fun cotton prints–one even had Superman flying on it. Martha Stewart has a free pattern on her website for a self tie style. I did a 3 part series on how to resize her pattern and different variations. You can see that under the category ‘men’ on my blog too. I’m sorry to keep pointing you to my blog, but, you asked, and these projects are some of my most popular posts that people view!! :-) Good luck!

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    Cute towel on the guest post–You make me giggle

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