Making Up Some Gift Bags!

Ok here we go. We are almost in Crazy Town.

There are 5-ish weeks until Christmas. F.I.V.E.

Do you have all your gifts bought/made? Yeah, me neither. And once we get that all done – what about the scariest of all scaries – the wrapping???
I will confess that is my least favorite part. Because I get all worked up and want beeeeautiful, magazine worthy pinterest worthy wrapped gifts. All coordinated and awesome.
And I leave it until the last minute and then I’m wrapping them all in boring paper and slapping stick-on bows on them because that’s all I have time for.

But this year I have a wee bit of a head start. I have THREE awesome gift bags made already!!
(Feel free to be shocked. I am.)

Want to see?

Aren’t they fun? I like them because they’re kind of Christmas-sy – but they could be used other times of year too!

They are all made from this great new pattern, “Go To Gift Bags” by Andrea from Go To Patterns and The Train to Crazy.

The pattern included 3 sizes of gift bags, plus the wine bag and a gift card wallet!! I made the Large bag, the Medium bag, and the Wine bag.

The Large Bag is really fun because it’s got a little pocket that is perfect for a card or note.

It’s also a great size to embellish – you could add some embroidery or a monogram – or a cute doily like I did!

The medium bag is fun to embellish too – I added pom pom trim along the top border. You could do any cute ribbon or trim though. I thought the pompoms went great with this sweet nesting doll fabric.

The wine bag is pieced together and quilted and it’s fully lined!

I added a little owl pendant just for fun.
I might not give away the wine though. Maybe that will be Merry Christmas to me.

Aren’t they cute? I feel so accomplished!!
I’ll probably let it go to my head and not do anything for another 3 weeks.

I can highly recommend Andrea’s Go To Gifts Bag pattern. The bags are super easy and quick to make – and it’s fun to personalize them!

So what do you think? Wouldn’t it be fun to make some gifts in cute, handmade bags this year?


  • Reply November 18, 2012


    Gift bags are the best! It’s almost like getting two gifts.

    • November 18, 2012

      holly lefevre

      I think your bags are so lovely! I dream of beautiful packages every year too…and this way you get an gift to use year round!

  • Reply November 19, 2012


    I love the wine bottle bag. The owl on it works perfectly.

  • Reply November 19, 2012


    Love this idea. So cute.

  • Reply November 19, 2012


    That is such a great idea. I especially love the doily bag!

  • Reply November 19, 2012

    Michele @ The Scrap Shoppe

    So cute! And I love the color scheme. I’m completely infatuated with the doily bag. :)

  • Reply November 20, 2012


    That doily one is so perfect!!! I love it!!! Need that pattern stat!

  • Reply November 21, 2012


    Cute gift bag with a doily?! And even cuter gift bag with pom poms?!!! I would die with joy if I receive presents in such sweet gift bags :D

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