Buttons and Frills Knockoff Skirt

Ok – if you’ve been around Flamingo Toes for a while – you will probably recognize this skirt.

It was actually one of the first things I ever pinned (and can you believe that was less than 1 year ago? It’s crazy how much Pinterest has grown and changed things.)
But I’m off track. Shocking.

So I fell in love with this little skirt – and I had to have it for my very own!
Here’s my version of it!

And here’s the original version – it’s from a company called Blue Caravan and they’ve been sold out of the skirt since I pinned it.
So I’m thinking it probably won’t be coming back.

I flipped my buttons to the other side for my version – and I decided not to wear the orange knee socks. I’m a rebel.

So are you ready for a tutorial? This is actually easier than it looks!

I decided to start with a pattern – since it’s been a few years since I did much sewing for myself. And I thought it would be easier for you to alter based on your size and measurements if you want to make your own!
I found this Lisette pattern from Simplicity – it was perfect! It had seams running down the front, as well as the sides, so it worked out great for the side panel with the ruffle.

I’m not going to go into all of the process – I’ll just tell you where I changed things up.

There are two skirt versions on this pattern – Version A has insets behind the four pleats, and version B is a little shorter and has straight seams – no pleats.
So since we’re adding a ruffle, I chose Version B. But on one of the side front seams, I cut out the pleat inset seams so I could use that for the front ruffle section.

Sew up the skirt as the pattern indicates, but don’t add in the pleat inset or undo the basting on that section.
Go all the way to the point where you are ready to hem the skirt.

Using the pleat inset pattern piece, cut out a piece of your underskirt fabric that is twice as wide as the pleat inset, and 1″ longer.

Cut a ruffle out of the underskirt fabric that is 4″ x 2 times the width of your skirt hem. You can piece this together if you need to.
Sew the right side of each end of the ruffle piece to the right side of the pleat inset piece – lining up the bottom edges.
Hem all the way around the bottom with a small hem.

Gather the top raw edge of the ruffle, and the top of the pleat inset.
Pin the ruffle to the bottom edge of the skirt, right sides together, lining up the pleat inset piece with the pleat section on the skirt.
Sew the ruffle to the hem, but don’t sew down the pleat section yet. Just stop the seams at the point were the inset starts.

Line up the top of the pleat inset with the folded pleat section on the skirt. Sew the top and sides to the raw edges, down to the point of the ruffle.
Make sure you down sew through to the front of the skirt. You are just sewing this to the section that is folded back. (Check pattern instructions for clarification.)
There will be some looseness between the hem and ruffle, especially in the pleat section. Open up the basting and fold under the hem about 1″.

You are creating a kind of “fake” hem – so the skirt looks like it is hemmed and ruffle is a separate piece underneath.
Press the skirt hem in place all the way around. Top stitch the hem in place. You’ll need to do the edges of the pleat section that are open separately so you don’t sew the open section down onto the ruffle.

You can see how the hem is folded and the ruffle is tucked up underneath.

Create your covered buttons. Add the bottom one at the point of the skirt where the open pleat starts. Add the other two 3″ apart above that.

And that finishes it off! Doesn’t the ruffle look so cute peeking through?

I really like how it came out – it’s super lightweight and I think it will be so fun for summer!/
Though I might need a winter version too – maybe a cute twill with some eyelet underneath? Hmmmm.

So what do you think? I’d love to know!

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  • Reply April 23, 2013


    I think yours turned out better then the original.

  • Reply July 25, 2014

    Lori Miller

    The Lisette pattern is no longer available for purchase. Can you recommend something similar for me? I’m really excited to try this! :)

  • Reply September 11, 2014

    Allison Velez

    That is flippin adorable! I can see a similar technique could be used to lengthen a thrifted skirt. so many I’ve passed by because of the length! Great job!

  • Reply September 27, 2014


    love, love, love! I just ordered some black denim and this is totally what I’m going to do with it! I might have to make 2

  • Reply January 9, 2015

    Sherlyn Thorne

    Is there anyway you can post the pattern since it’s been discontinued? I would LOVE to make this!

  • Reply January 19, 2016


    I have some wool too tight skirts that are the older above the knee length. This looks like a great solution to lengthen and also open up the waistband for more comfort

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