Snap Conference Roundup!

Wow. And Wow again.

There is so much to tell you about the Snap Conference last week! I know I’m going to leave a lot out – and even then if you make it to the bottom of this post you can give yourself a big high five. :)

So are you ready for a picture overload??

Just Be You!!

Before I get into all the other photos – I want to start off by sharing the theme of Snap – it was “Just Be You”. (We all received these gorgeous necklaces from the fabulous Amy Cornwell. I cannot even tell you how much I love this!!)

We started off our first night with a talk by Amy from the Idea Room- she shared how important it was to be yourself on your blog. To not worry about how big your blog is, how long you’ve been blogging, etc. That sharing how you are and what your love is the most important thing. It was so great to start off the conference with this – especially when I was spending the next three days meeting new people – it is so easy to get intimidated and nervous! It was a great pep talk and really helped me keep my nerves in check!

Ok – you have to forgive my giant goofy grin in all these photos. I was just so dang excited (and nervous) to meet everyone! I had to show of my Nest of Posies bag too!! I carried it all weekend and let me tell you – there were quite a few of these bags at Snap! (none as darling as mine though of course)

The most-used items in our Swag bags was definitely business card ring and punch! I can’t wait to look back through these and check out all the blogs of my new friends!!

Beautiful Location

Snap was held at Thanksgiving Point, which is just outside of Lehi, Utah. It was my first trip to Utah and I was blown away by how gorgeous it is!! We had some time to explore the Tulip Festival the first day and I have considerately compiled my tulip photos into a handy collage for you. Though trust me to say that I have enough of these for an entire post or two.

Classes and Sessions

My brain is seriously overloaded by all the sessions and make and takes!

I have crazy amounts of notes – and I am not going to summarize them all because . . . seriously.
But I can say that I came home with great tips and methods to decorate and organize, tangible info on how to put together a book proposal and get published (because you all know that’s my DREAM), how to use power tools and build cool stuff without sawing off a finger, and lots more.

I was able to meet Marie from Make and Takes in the book class – I’m bummed I don’t have a picture.

The classes were funny, and moving and definitely full of more info that I can even process right now!


If you were following along on twitter, facebook or instagram, you know that the Queen Bee Market was part of Snap this year.
I am a huge fan of the market – so it was a blast to be able to shop with all my girls, meet new friends and venders, and support all the handmade shops that were there!

It was crazy crowded, but that made it so fun. It was like Black Friday shopping but with much cooler products and people!

Friends Friends Friends!!!

These aren’t in collage format because I just love them all and want to link to everyone.
There were so many people I met and didn’t get a photo of too!

This was our first day right after registration. Me, Heidi from Honeybear Lane and Kristy from Diary of Dave’s Wife!
Heidi is pretty much my friend for life now, whether she likes it or not. I didn’t get to spend much time with Kristy – but I think she’s awesome and I have a deep and abiding love for her shoes.

Viv and me – it was a blast to spend so much time with Vivienne!
We’ve got plans to start working on the next SoCal Social too – I’ll get you info on that as soon as I can!

I met Beth from Home Stories A to Z!!! I have to say she is as nice and amazing and pretty as she is on her blog and I LOVED her session!!
Now I know exactly how to decorate all my mantels, shelves and table tops. I am sure you as happy as I am about that.

And some more beautiful people – so you don’t think all my pictures had to have ME in them . . .

Stacy (Not Just a Housewife), Amanda (Every Creative Endeavor) & Michelle (A Little Tipsy)

I’m so glad I got to meet these girls!! I didn’t get to spend much time with Amanda and Michelle – but I was able to sit in on Stacy’s EPIC DIY class and let me tell you. This girl can totally belt out an 80’s cover song!! :)

Jennifer (Always in Wonder), Kellie (Nest of Posies) and Heidi (Honeybear Lane)

I had so much fun with these girls!! We spent a lot of time hanging out, chatting and laughing. Lots of laughing.

Heidi (and her little that I got lots of snuggle time with) Michele (The Scrap Shoppe) and Kristina (Pearl Gateway)

Michele was my super awesome roomie!! We have been friends almost since I started blogging but this was the first time we’d met! I just love her to pieces!
(Why don’t I have a picture of the two of us Michele???)

Viv, Maegan (Chesteriffic), and Jennifer 

I loved hanging out with Maegan too! It was nice to have a fellow SoCal girl to spend time with!! Plus Maegan is super funny and she has an awesome dinosaur shirt that I am going to try to steal.

Laura and Cindy from Skip to my Lou! (plus me. lol)

I loved meeting Laura and seeing Cindy again! Cindy is just one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and I could sit and talk to her all day!
I didn’t get to. But I totally could.

Jennifer ( a sweet reader) and me  – and all her darling littles!! I got to meet Jennifer at the QBM and I’m so glad!

Amy (Positively Splendid) and me!!

Ok – seriously. I could not love Amy more. You do follow her right? Because she’s one of those girls who makes amazing stuff, week after week, with gorgeous photos and great tutorials.
I swear every time her see her projects I want to make them!!
But aside from all that – she is amazing in person. So sweet and gorgeous!!!

And to wind things up a crazy fun group photo!! Wow.
Back row: Karen (The Graphics Fairy),  Heather (The Sewing Loft), Jennifer, Amy (Mod Podge Rocks), Sara (Mom Endeavors) and Alexa (I love to Create)
Front row: Katie (Sweet Rose Studio), Kristina, Me, Heidi, Viv

So I have to wind up by saying that Tauni and her team made Snap what it was – an amazing conference full of people who share a passion for creating!
The food was great – the classes and panels were led by experts and my blog idols – and the whole thing ran so smoothly!!

I am so glad I went and I will definitely be first in line for next year!!

So thanks for hanging in there! I know this was super long and I didn’t even show you any swag!!
I’ll show that to you next week – there was so much it gets a post of its own!! :)


  • It looks like y’all had SO much fun!

  • Reply April 26, 2012

    Vivienne @ The V Spot

    Wow! Great post, super comprehensive! You covered way more than I did. Loved every minute of this. And yes, let’s get started on SoCal Social 2!!! :)

  • Woohoo!! Fab roundup, Bev! How we missed the typical roomie self portrait, I do not know. I was terrible about taking photos of actual people. ;) You got some great shots, and the tulips look amazing! SO glad we finally got to meet in person! :)

  • Reply April 26, 2012

    susan m. jensen

    Bev ! Pictures are super taken and looked like lot of fun & interesting. My floral manager days I looked forward to gatherings. Time off but so benificial. Good job. You look lovely as a flower.

  • Reply April 26, 2012

    Heidi Ferguson

    Blech–I totally look like I got my wisdom teeth removed in like every pic. I gotta start working out, haha! Great post though–it was so much fun to hang out with you and of COURSE we are friends for life!

  • Reply April 26, 2012

    liZ evans

    How in the world did I miss meeting you? That makes me sad…..maybe next time….

  • Awww- your kind words make me smile, Bev! It was so great to see you again and visit a bit more! :)

  • Reply April 27, 2012


    Fun recap, love all the pics! I’m so happy we got to hang out again and get to know each other better, looking forward to seeing you again soon! :)

  • Reply April 27, 2012

    karen Weight

    Sounds like you had so much fun! I am a little jealous, but hope to go next year!! I so want to meet all of you!!

  • Reply May 1, 2012


    Bev, I am so incredibly bummed that I didn’t get to spend any time with you this year. Freeing myself up to socialize is top priority for next year!

    I am glad that you had such a lovely time and I am jealous of all the great photos – can you believe I hardly took any at all?!

    Love your guts!

  • It looks like you had a great time! And just so you know I agree with you about Amy and feel the same way about you, the 2 of you are my go to sites for great ideas!

  • Bev so happy I got to meet you, but wish we could have hung out more!! Next time, right!! XOXO, Tam

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