Crush of the Week – Think Pink Features

Woohooo!! It’s time for the fabulous features from this week’s Think Pink Sunday party!

Marissa from Rae Gun Ramblings shared a great tutorial on covering boxes with fabric! I need to do this exact project for my daughter’s room.
I love the bright cheery fabrics Marissa used!

Mitzi from Mitzi’s Miscellany made these darling Burlap Covered letters!! I love the printing on the sacks she used – such a great idea!


Kei from Unfortunately Oh! has created the cutest Map Pendants!!
How fun would this be to remember a great summer vacation – or to make for a friend getting ready to travel!!

Ok – talk about creative!! This Ski Pole Lamp from Kim at RePoshture made is amazing and fun!!
Makes me wish I had some ski poles around here.

This Laundry Room art by Jen from The JS Chronicles is seriously fun!! I love that she used it to cover up her power box!
Also – this is Jen’s first post!!! Head over and show her some new blogger love!

Steph from Crafting in the Rain made super darling Paper Earrings!! I am in love.
These would be fun for a crafting or pinterest party!

I have a weakness for trifles. And this Strawberry Trifle from Rebekah at Woven Home looks just delish.
It makes me think of summer and picnics and I pretty much want some right now.

If you were featured and would like a button – they’re here! Grab one and show it off!

Highlights of the Week:

So not too much exciting in the way of highlights this week – if you don’t want to count my finally unpacking my suitcase from Snap yesterday.
Mr. F.T. considers it a highlight though.

In other news – I bought my first Maxi dress this week. After seeing all the cute girls at Snap in their long dresses, I decided to take the plunge.
And now that I’ve done so, I’ve also decided that I will be making all my future maxi dresses because . .. seriously. They are just super long tank tops.
So you can look for that little tutorial coming up. Sometime. Not that you necessarily need a tutorial but still.

And some weird searches for you  . . . .

• Someone landed here with the search, “i want work at mj trimming“. Well sweetie – that sounds like a lot of fun. (though I would bring home exactly NONE of my paycheck). But here’s the thing. I know the job market’s tough, but posting your job requests in the Google Search bar might not be the best way to get hired. Just sayin.
• We had someone searching for “a sheet of paper“. Seriously? Seriously. One of the best parts about the internet is that is pretty much a magical paper-free zone. Which is why my handwriting now looks like chicken scratching and I can’t seem to remember how to spell words on my own. It’s the price of progress.
• I should also let you know that we get this next search every week. Often 3 or more times a week. “are tapeworms good?” So apparently if you write one post about tapeworms then you become the internet expert on them. This is a problem for me. Because I would just as soon not have a lot of tapeworm-loving people cluttering the place up. They obviously have questionable judgement.
Step away from the tapeworms people.

And on that note – I will wish you a happy happy weekend!!
I will be spending mine doing some reorganizing around here. Oh joy.


  • Reply April 27, 2012


    … And I became the expert serial killer! I made a freezer paper stencil pillow that said “I knit so I won’t kill people” and I’ve got (so far only one) search : how to kill someone with a pillow. That freaked me out!!! Hugs, xox, d.

  • LOL I always enjoy your funny searches. They give me a good laugh. Thanks for sharing them!!

  • Wait, wait, wait… those earrings are made out of *paper*?? Do you know how dangerous that is for me? I will have more earrings than I will know what to do with! (Not like I don’t already!)

  • Thanks so so much for sharing my earrings, Bev!

  • Reply April 27, 2012

    Shannon Fox

    Hi Bev ~ Those HOWDY letters are flipping ka-ute!! So cool =)

  • Reply April 27, 2012


    I was cracking up at the tape worm section. I wonder sometimes at my same search criteria!!

    Thanks you Ms. FT for the feature and for including me with all these other great ladies! Such an honor.

  • Reply April 27, 2012

    Kei @ Unfortunately Oh

    Haha your weird searches make me laugh! Obviously lots of people want to know about tapeworks lol

    Thanks for featuring my map pendant! :)

  • Reply April 27, 2012


    Hi Bev! Thanks so very much for featuring my laundry room art!

  • Reply April 28, 2012

    susan m. jensen

    These ar so cute, earrings, lamp is unique,The fabric is darling,and the brooch is my top love. Thank you.

  • Reply April 29, 2012


    thanks so much for featuring my boxes! I”m glad you liked them :)


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