Our Pinterest Party!

I mentioned last week that I was helping to throw a “Pinterest” party with Aimee from ByAimee.com over the weekend – and we had such a blast!!

Here’s the idea: A bunch of awesome girls get together and make some crafts inspired by projects we’ve seen on Pinterest! We all chipped in $20 for the crafts – and we had 4 craft ideas to make.
We’re all creative/crafty gals, so our crafts were Pinterest “inspired” – we printed out a bunch of ideas we’d seen and went for it!

Aimee opened up her house cause she’s awesome like that. We started with our ginormous pile of supplies –

And you can’t have a craft party without eats – I think that’s a rule. So here’s our first round – breakfast!!
(We had a whole lunch table too but I didn’t get a shot of that)

We also had amazing sponsors! We felt so fortunate.
Pick Your Plum sent us this great big basket full of ribbon and wood pieces and mod podge and twine and hello . . . giant rick rack and lots more!

The Daily Grommet sent us really cool ceramic cutters and fabulous scissors by Slice for all our cutting!! The cutting tools came in really handy with our vinyl projects – and the scissors worked great on all our materials!!

We also used vinyl that Oh My Crafts had sent me for review at the end of the year – it was perfect for cutting out our state silhouettes!!

Our plan was to make a State Canvas, a Pincushion, fabric covered button earrings – and a wreath. We didn’t get to the wreaths but we had a blast making everything else!

Andrea from The Train to Crazy, Maegan from Chesterrific and Rebecca (she doesn’t have a blog) are working on their button earrings.

The adorable Jaime from Polkadots on Parade showing off her earrings!!
The earring tutorial we used was by Amy Cornwell over at Brassy Apple – it’s perfect for making button earrings that dangle or you can add a post instead!

Me – working away on earrings.

Aimee, Jaime, Andrea, Maegan, and Rebecca!

Everyone went home with a ruffley burlapy tote bag to hold all their fun crafts/supplies.

Here’s how my projects turned out!

Our cute little pincushions were in ramekins that Aimee found at World Market. They were inspired by this pincushion and this one.
Look! Giant rick rack. Sigh.
We also made little paper clips from hardware Pick Your Plum sent in their basket of awesomeness.
My button earrings are a gold lacey fabric. The girls promised me they don’t look like boobs – but I’m still not sure.
I really like my state canvas. After I made it I remembered Maggie from Midwestern Sewing Girl’s cute chalkboard art – It must have lodged in my brain when I was deciding what to do! (Hers is wayyyyyy better)

I painted it dark gray and wrote out the cities with pencil. Then I painted over the pencil with a small paintbrush. I want to do some touch ups on it. LA is entirely too large and looks like it threw up a paisley.
I’m going to shrink that down and add in Solvang. I forgot all about poor little Solvang.

Our canvases were inspired by this tutorial and this one.

Anyway – here’s our group shot – all of us showing off our works of art . . .

Maegan, Rebecca,  Andrea, ME,  Aimee, and  Jaime!

Gah! Aren’t they all great??

We had soooo much fun!! It was really laid back and so great to just chat and craft!

I love this group of girls – this was our second party and we were down a few people.
I’m hoping we can all make it next month – it looks like this is turning into a regular event!!


  • Reply March 7, 2012


    That is a GREAT way to try out new things!

  • First of all, this all looks like way too much fun!! I want to come play! :)

    You guys made some fun crafts!! I love the state art. I’ve been thinking about incorporating that into our house somewhere. And the pincushion are TOO cute!! I think I need a cupcake one to go in my “collection.”

    I love how generous these companies have been to send you guys some toys to play with!!!

  • Reply March 8, 2012


    I love seeing all the bare feet showing off your pretties!! We just got a couple more inches of snow last night so the toes won’t be seeing the sunshine for awhile still here!

    This is a great craft day idea and I have several Colorado bloggers that have been wanting to get together so this might just be the ticket!!

  • Reply March 8, 2012


    Looks like a very successful (and fun) party! Thank you for allowing Daily Grommet to be a small part of it, we’re inspired to start crafting ourselves!

  • Reply March 8, 2012

    JaneEllen Jones

    I would have to say I like your canvas best as it reminds me of the CA I remember. Think I mentioned before I’m from San Diego area, last city lived in was Santee, lived in area for 21 years. Haven’t been there in years but sure remember alot. Youngest daughter and I practically lived at Pacific Beach a few summers. If I wasn’t working in the summer we were at PB. Still miss the beach. When we first lived in Santee I’d take a truck load of my kids and friends to beach all day. My kids (all 4) grew up at the beach.
    And no your earrings don’t look like boobs (lol). You are hilarious. Looks like you girls had a great time.

  • Reply March 14, 2012


    Love it!! The best Pinterest party yet. How do we top it?? Excited to party with you next month!

  • Reply March 15, 2012


    Threw up a paisley…that’s hilarious! The projects you picked are very cute.

  • Reply March 15, 2012


    How fun are you girls!! It looks like it was a blast. I think I need to start one out this way (Riverside area). So much fun! I love all the things you created.

  • Reply February 27, 2013


    A Pinterest-party? Seriously? That is the best idea ever! I will so ask my friends to have a Pinterest-party with me as well. Your projects are really great. Thank you so so much for inspiring me!

  • Reply July 1, 2013


    Looks like fun…wish I had some crafty friends to do this with

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