Shabby Hearts and Ruffles Dish Towel

I don’t do a ton of decorating for Valentine’s Day – but I do like to have a few things here and there for a little fun.

My kitchen has been looking a little lonely now that the Christmas decorations are gone so I decided to make a fun little dish towel to brighten the room up!

Here it is!

It has some sweet ruffled circles on the bottom and shabby stitched hearts for decoration.

Cute huh? It’s pretty quick and easy too!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

1 Dish towel (bought this one at Target)
(This towel is 16″ x 27″. If yours is a different size, you’ll need to adjust amounts and measurements)
4 different fabrics (you’ll need 10 – 3″ circles from each plus fabric for hearts)
Rick Rack (of course. Cause we don’t make dish towels around here without rick rack)

Start by cutting your circles for your ruffles. I used my Accuquilt – it was super fast with their Circle Die –
But you could definitely cut them by hand too. You’ll need 10 – 3″ circles of 2 of the colors, 9 – 3″ circles of the other two colors.

Decide what is going to be the first row. Fold your circles for this row into quarters. Pin ten circles evenly across the bottom of the dish towel.
This is kind of the same method the awesome Simple Simon & Co. girls use for their crazy cute Bustle Skirt.

Sew the little circles down close to the top. Since I was using white thread that blended with the towel, I sewed a straight line across the top of all the circle points, about 1/4″ below the point.

Start the next row of circles (this row will have 9), laying these between the circles below. Overlap them just a bit.

Continue layering your circles until you have four rows sewn on.

Cut a length of small rick rack approx. 20″ long.
Tie a small bow on each end, so that a small 2 1/2″ tail of rick rack is on each side. Burn the ends slightly so they won’t fray.

Center the rick rack on the dish towel, so the bows are about 9″ up from the bottom edge and 4″ in from each side. This should make a little curve in the rick rack between the bows.
Sew the rick rack onto the dish towel.

Cut out 4 hearts – 3 of one fabric and one of a contrasting fabric. Lay the hearts so the tops just overlap the rick rack curve.

Sew down the hearts – you can use a single stitch, a satin stitch – or for a sketchy-er look – sew around them three times with the stitching lines not in exactly the same place.

I used a dark gray thread so the stitching would outline the hearts a bit.

To finish off the dish towel add a row (or two) of ribbon along the top row of the ruffles. Sew down the ribbon so it overlaps the circles and covers the top row of stitching.
Burn the ends of the ribbon to prevent fraying and wrap the ribbon around the edges of the dish towel.

Add a contrasting ribbon on top for a little more color.

And that’s it!!

A fun, cute way to dress up a store-bought dish towel!

It would make a cute Teacher or Neighbor Valentine’s gift, along with some treats!

I’d love to hear what you think!

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  • Reply February 6, 2012


    Ahhh this dish towel is too darn cute!!!

  • Reply February 6, 2012

    The Answer Is Chocolate

    I just had to include this in my link party wrap up features!

  • Reply February 7, 2012

    susan jensen

    Everything is so sweet, nice &easy. Valentines, Easter, Mother Day. Lots to show off for. Thank for sharing. Susan J

  • Reply February 7, 2012

    Jenn/Rook No. 17

    Gorgeous Bev! You have such a great eye for color and design! Spotlighted your post on my Facebook page today.

  • Reply February 8, 2012


    ADORABLE! So going to make these!!

  • Reply September 17, 2012


    I just stumbled on this, ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! Will the circles fray when you wash them?

    • September 17, 2012


      They do fray a little, but not too crazy. Just enough to give it a little bit of a shabby chic look. :)

      Thanks – I’m so glad you like it!

  • Reply January 12, 2013


    Great idea! Love the circles as ruffles. I’m going to make a matching valance for the kitchen window with that ruffled bottom. Might use a pinked circle to prevent fraying unless the fabric dictates that frayed look. So many ideas hatched from yours!

  • Reply January 19, 2013

    Natasha Bi

    This is really, really cute and fantastic! Love your blog…really

  • Reply April 27, 2014


    Very cute towel!

  • Reply May 25, 2014


    This is SOooo cute!!! I’ve been making a lot of ruffled dishtowels lately, and love this new idea!! :)

  • Reply January 20, 2015


    ADORABLE!!! Can’t wait to put some together! Thank you!

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