Two Part Harmony Bracelet

I have another fun last-minute gift idea for you!

I was browsing Pinterest last week and came across a great bracelet that led me to a shop I’d never heard of, Sundance.
They have some fabulous jewelry! I fell in love with a little gem and knew that it would make a great homemade gift.

It’s quick, easy, and you can customize it with any color you want!

Sundance calls it the Two Part Harmony Bracelet – it’s a great blend of beads and leather.
Here’s my version:

And here’s the Sundance version:

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Assortment of pearls and beads
(mine are seed beads and small pearls, as well as a large bead for the center and a silver charm for the back)
Leather – about 14″
crimp beads
1 head pin
jump rings
toggle closure

Cut a 12″ strand of cording. Thread 1 1/4″ of seed beads onto the cording. Thread a crimp bead on one end.
Thread the other end of the cording through the jump ring, going the other direction. Pull until the beads have formed a circle.

Flatten the crimp bead with flat nosed pliers.

Begin threading beads and pearls onto the two strands.

Add beads until the strands each measure almost 3″. Add one more seed bead to one strand of cording. Feed the other strand of cording through this bead as well, so they both bass through.
Add a crimp bead after this and loop both strands around a jump ring. Loop both strands back through the cording and crimp the bead flat with your pliers.

Feed the cording strands back through several of the beads, then trim the ends.

Cut another piece of cording, about 3″ long.
Thread 1 1/4″ of seed beads onto the center. Add a crimp bead to one side. Thread the other side through the loop you made on the original strand.
Make a loop through the crimp bead with these beads like you did before.
Flatten the crimp bead and weave the ends of the cording back through a few beads. Trim the ends.

Cut a 14″ piece of leather cording. This is more than we need, but it’s easier to make the knots if you have a little extra length to work with.
Loop the leather through the bead circle you just made. Tie a knot in the cording just below the loop.

Loop both the cut ends of the leather through a jump ring. Knot the leather on the other side of the jump ring. The length of leather should be about 3″.
(Check the length or your bracelet at this point and lengthen or shorten the leather if you need to)
Trim the ends of the leather.

Add a bead or little charm to a jump ring. Add the jump ring to one of the loops in the leather knot.

Add the toggle pieces to each end of the bracelet.

Add a larger bead to a head pin. Make a loop above the head pin. Add this loop to one of the seed bead circles in the center of the bracelet.

That finishes your bracelet!!

Fun right? And – you saved money – the designer version of this is $95!!

I hope you like it! :)

(This was originally published as a guest post over at The Scrap Shoppe)

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  • Reply January 30, 2013


    Thank you for this cute bracelet. I made one inspired by your tutorial.

  • Reply July 18, 2013


    thanks so much for sharing.Great tutorial & easy to understand.

  • Reply November 9, 2014


    Thank you for the tutorial. It was very easy to follow and i made a gorgeous bracelet!

  • Reply April 26, 2016


    Thank you so much, Bev!

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