Black Friday Giveaway Day Info

You guys know I love you right?

I so do.

And ‘Tis the Season for Giving right? Right!!

So we are celebrating how awesome You are – and celebrating the start of the Christmas Season – with an AMAZING Day of Giveaways!!

That’s right – Black Friday Giveaway Day is Almost Here!!!!

On Friday, November 25 we are going to have a Rockin’ Day of Partying and Giveaways!!

There will be TWENTY Giveaways – one Every Hour – starting at 5 AM Eastern!
Yeah – that’s early . . . but you can enter while you’re standing in line at Target freezing your toes off :)

And oh wow the giveaways!!!

We have Jewelry, Spa Stuff, Fabric, Gorgeous Signs, Clothes, Home Decor stuff and lots more . . . seriously . . . wow!!

Here’s how the Day will work:

Every hour a giveaway post will go up for a different shop. You’ll get to check out all the awesome things they have and enter each giveaway.
I know that Black Friday can be a busy day – so if you can’t enter that day, the giveaways will be open for 1 week so everyone has a chance to enter.

BUT – there is a Super Awesome Incentive for entering in the 1st Hour after each Giveaway goes up.
Each entry you submit in the hour after the giveaway goes up is worth DOUBLE!!!
You don’t have to do a thing to get the bonus entries – I’ll keep track of the time everyone enters.
For Example: Shop A has a giveaway going up at 8 am. If you enter 3 times between 8 am and 9 am – they count for two each – 6 entries!!

Are you excited yet??

I’ll be doing Facebook Sneak Peaks next week to give you hints at the Amazingness to come!

Set your Calendars, Alerts on your Phones, Reminders on your computer. You do not want to miss out!!! Woohooo!


Also – today I’m over at sweet Allison’s place, A Glimpse Inside, sharing my tutorial for this super cute little ornament!
Come on over and say hi!


  • Reply November 15, 2011


    So excited Bev! And that ornament? To die for…so stinkin cute-LOVES!

  • Reply November 15, 2011

    Debby Messner

    I’m looking forward to the giveaway. This year I will be home. Hubby has to work so I can play all day. I LOVE that ornament. So so cute.

  • Reply November 15, 2011


    Oh my goodness, that ornament is ADORABLE! Off to check out your tutorial! :)

  • Reply November 15, 2011


    Dang that is one cute ornament! And pretty excited about this giveaway!

  • Reply November 15, 2011

    Michele @ The Scrap Shopp

    I hope to get in on some of that Black Friday action between traveling and whatnot! Yay!

    Off to check out that adorable ornament…

  • Reply November 15, 2011


    Cant wait!

  • Reply November 23, 2011



    (email me the code for your black friday button when you have a chance and I’ll get it up on my blog)


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