Giant Rick Rack Apron

I have a fun new toy to share with you today – I’m so excited to tell you about my new Accuquilt Go! Baby – and to show you what I made with it!

First let me show you my new apron – which I’m all in love with –

Giant Rick Rack!!! Sigh. Is there anything better??

Let me show off how I made it – and tell you about this awesome little cutter – the Accuquilt Go! Baby!!

Isn’t it cute?? ;)

The Accuquilt Go! Baby is a fabric cutter that uses fabric dies to cut out fabric in shapes and designs. It’s completely non – electric, so it’s easy to take with you and move to where ever you need to work.
The two sides open up and there are rollers inside to run the dies through.

For the apron, I used the new Go! Rick Rack die. It’s a pretty big die – 24″ long which means . . . .  I can basically wallpaper my house in giant rick rack. ;)

The die is a large foam mat with a blade in it. They give you all the instructions on how to cut and lay out your fabric so that you make the most of your fabric and so you can cut multiple layers of fabric.
I wanted to use this fun damask print, you can see that I trimmed it to the size of the die.

The Rick Rack die is not cut at the end, so you can have continuous rick rack. You place the folds of the fabric just inside the cut line of the die.

You then place the cutting mat over the fabric and run it through the Go! Baby by turning the handle. So easy.

The machine is pretty stable! I just had to hold the top of the cutter lightly to keep it steady as I rolled the die through.
After the die is rolled through, you just lift off the fabric and Ta-Da!! You have deliciously giant rick rack.

With the fabric I cut for the apron, all the cutting was super clean. I only had to snip a thread or two to separate the fabric. Much easier than cutting out all the rick rack by hand. :)

So now that we have fun giant rick rack, let’s make the apron!!

In addition to the rick rack pieces, you’ll need:

1 – 30″ x 16″ piece of fabric for the apron skirt
1 – 18″ x 6″ piece of fabric for the waistband
2 – 30″ x 6″ pieces of fabric for the ties
30″ pom pom trim for hem
assorted buttons for the waistband

Start by hemming the bottom edge of the large apron skirt piece.

Lay out the first piece of rick rack along the bottom edge. Sew on the rick rack 1/4″ from the top and bottom curved edges.

Lay out the rest of the rick rack strips evenly on the apron piece and sew them on the same way.
(You probably know by now that I love raw edges. That frayed look is so fun. But if you don’t like that, you can sew on the rick rack with a small satin stitch too!)

Add your pom pom trim to the bottom of the apron, sewing along the hem stitching.

Hem the two sides of the apron. Sew a gathering stitch along the top raw edge of the apron. Pull up the gathering stitches until the top measures 18″.

Now we’re going to work on the ties. Sew the waistband piece the two tie pieces, so the waistband piece is in the center. Use a 1/2″ seam allowance.

Sew the apron skirt to the waistband section, centering it between the two tie seams. Press the waistband up away from the skirt.

Press the other edge of the waistband under 1/2″, then in half. You’re basically pressing the waistband into place.
Lay out your buttons along the waistband for placement, then sew them on.

Fold the waistband ties and waistband section, right sides together. Sew the tie ends and sides together with a 1/2″ seam allowance – right up to the point of the waistband seams.
Clip the ends of the ties, turn right side out, and press. Hand sew the inside of the waistband down along the bottom pressed edge.

Add buttons to the ends of the apron ties – if you use the same buttons on each side, you can sew them together so there are buttons on each side of the ties. (4 buttons total)

That’s it!! I think it would be fun to wear for Halloween or Christmas parties – or just for fun!

I really loved how the Accuquilt Go! Baby made the rick rack soooo easy to cut out!! I can see so many uses for this – I can’t wait to make a whole quilt with it!!
You can check out more about the Accuquilt products on their website and you can sign up to recieve their emails here  – and receive 22 FREE patterns!
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Disclosure Time: I received an Accuquilt and three dies for review. All opinions and project ideas are mine, of course! :)

So . . what do you think?? I’d love to hear!
I’m thinking there needs to be a matching dishtowel . . . or two. ;)


  • Reply October 24, 2011

    KIM Dart

    love your apron inspires me to make a few as gifts this christmas :-)

  • Reply October 25, 2011


    This is absolutely darling, Bev! I may need to try out this machine! :)

  • Reply October 28, 2011

    Kelly Graham

    I LOVE this project and it would be a great gift for my daughter who is going to school to be a pastry chef. i also thought it would be cool to make skirts for my younger daughter for different occasions.

  • Reply October 28, 2011

    Kelly Graham

    Oh i guess I would have to get one of these machines before I can tackle these projects :)

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