Fall Ombre Rosette Wreath

I have been really inspired by all the Ombre projects that are so popular right now, and I thought it would be fun to use that idea to make this Fall Ombre Rosette Wreath to share with you today!

Fall Ombre Rosette Wreath

Fall Rosette Wreath

Isn’t it cute? It’s really quick and easy too!

To make you’re own snazzy new Ombre Fall Wreath you’ll need:

1 Grapevine Wreath
Fabrics in Graduated colors. I used 8 shades ranging from white to a dark goldish-brown
Felt (enough for 24 – 1 1/2″ circles)
Freezer Paper
Hot Glue

Materials for Fall Wreath

Begin by getting your strips ready for your rosettes. Tutorials for these are all over – but I thought I’d do another just for fun. (and so you don’t have to go hunt one down.)
I like to tear the strips for the rosettes – they have slightly frayed edges that way and it makes the rosettes all cute and scruffy looking.

The strips should be about 1 1/2″ wide and about 18″ish inches long.
Cut 24 – 1 1/2″ circles of felt for the bases.

For each rosette you’ll need one strip and one felt circle. Tie a knot close to one end of the fabric strip.

Making a fabric rosette

Hold the knot in your left hand and begin twisting the strip loosely with your right hand. Start to wrap the twisted strip around the knot.

Rolled Fabric Flower
(Ignore my scritchy sad little painted fingernail please. :)

Keep wrapping until your rosette is a little bigger than your felt circle.

Making Fabric Flowers

Tuck the end under the rosette and hot glue it to the felt circle.

Gluing a Fabric Flower Together

Now you have a cute little fabric rosette!

Fabric Rosette

Make 23 more of these – 3 in each fabric color.
You should end up with only 5 – 15 glue gun burns by the time you’re done. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.

Once the rosettes are made, start gluing them onto the wreath. You want them started off center on the right side.

Gluing Fabric Flowers on Wreath

Keep gluing the rosettes on, graduating to the darker colors as you go.

So cute right? :) Now we’re going to add the pennant.

For mine, I printed on fabric – which is super easy. You could also do the same thing with paper. You can just skip the next step.

Cut an 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece of fabric and the same size piece of freezer paper. Iron the shiny side of the freezer paper to the wrong side of the fabric.
Trim around all four sides so that they are straight and even. This will help the fabric go through the printer easily.

I printed out the word FALL – but you could do anything! If you like this – here is the PDF of the image to use.

Once you’re fabric has printed, cut out triangles around the letters for the pennants. Peel off the freezer paper.

Cut a long piece of twine and glue the pennant to the center by folding the top of the triangles around the twine.

Tie the twine to the wreath just over the top rosette on the right and a little above the last rosette on the left.

Now you have a super cute wreath for Fall!!

I love how cute the pennant is and the gradient of color in the rosettes!

I hope you like it too!


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