Bei Fiori Winner – and another Guest Post!

So I’m all over the place this week. I warned you. ;)

I’m like a blogging Paris Hilton –  Only shorter. And not blond. And. . . well.
I guess not so much.

Anyway – I’m over at Yesterday on Tuesday now – sharing my new favorite necklace.

(on an unrelated note – how much do you love this button? I think the mailing-guest postage idea is just so stinkin’ cute!)

It’s an Ann Taylor knockoff – and I just love it. LOVE it.

So can I ask you again to click over and come say hi?
I would love you forever if you would.

Oh you know I’ll love you either way. But still, come say hi. ;)

I’m also announcing the winner of the Bei Fiori giveaway!

On Sat. night when the post went up, comments went down. And let me tell you there is nothing quite so stressful to a blogger.
This blogger anyway.
Lucky for me, Mr. F.T. is a super human genius and he figured out the problem and we got things back to normal about 11 pm.
Fun times. Fun times.

Fortunately you guys are awesome and left entry comments on Facebook – which were added into the giveaway total.
(I numbered the comments according to the time they were left – so the Facebook comments were added in first.)

And the winner of the $30 Shop Credit is . . . .

Congrats Jeni!!!
I’m going to try and get you a message on FB but if you want to go ahead and email me that would be fab.u.lous. ;)


  • Reply June 1, 2011


    ah!! bev hilton :) necklace turned out stunning!!!

  • Reply June 1, 2011


    YAY!!! Thank you =)

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