Anthro Headwrap Knockoff

Despite the fact that I had lived in the Phoenix area all my life growing up, I decided that it would be a good idea to go to college in Flagstaff Arizona.

It was there that I discovered that I have a fairly low tolerance for snow, ice and wind. And by fairly low I mean, I’m a big baby and complain a lot when subjected to temperatures below 40 degrees. We won’t even discuss the ear infections I got every year from wind.

Because of that, when I’m in snow country, I’m pretty quick to slap a hat, headband, and/or earmuffs on to protect my ears. And I’m always looking for new ways to look cute while still bundled. I have my priorities after all.

So when I came across the sweet little headwraps at Anthro this winter, I knew that they would be a perfect winter accessory knockoff!

Check out my version:

And here’s the Anthro Wintermallows Headwrap:

(source Anthropologie)

I made mine from a thrifted sweater – it worked out great! Plus I have lots of sweater left for other projects.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

• Thrifted Sweater
• Pearls (optional – for rosettes)
• Thread & Sewing Machine

Start by laying out your sweater and deciding what part will work best for the headband. You will probably want to measure your head to make sure you have enough sweater for the wrap.

I used the back of the sweater since this was a cardigan.

I bought this one because it was large and would give me a lot of fabric to work with and it had this large band at the bottom.
It worked out that I could use the back lower section for the headwrap between the two side seams.

Cut off enough of the sweater to go around your head (not too tight, remember you will have a seam in there) and make it twice as wide as you’d like the headband. This was about 8″ tall.

From the sweater cut out two long oval shapes that you will use as the roses. The length on these isn’t super critical because you can make the roses any size you want.
I believe these were about 3″ wide and 8″ and 12″ long.

Fold the band in half, right sides together and sew along the bottom long side. Leave the two sides open.

Turn right side out.

Place the ends together, right sides together and sew the ends together as far as you can with your machine.

Just start at one point and keep lining it up and turning the tube. Leave about 1″ unsewn.

Flip the sewn seam inside and sew the small hole closed by hand.

For the rosettes, fold the long ovals in half. Sew by hand a gathering stitch along the raw edge.

Start curling one end up and sew the raw edges together as you go. Continue rolling and sewing until you have a rose the size you like.
Tuck the other small end under the rose and sew it down.

Sew some pearls and/or beads in the center of your rose for a little fun.
Repeat with the other rose.

Decide if you want to use the ribbed side or the sweater side of your band as the outside.
I used the sweater side since the band showed at the top and bottom and that looked more like the original.

Sew the rosettes to the outside of the band.

Woohoo! Now you have a quick and easy and inexpensiveknockoff headwrap!

And the cutest model ever. . .

Whew – no more frozen ears. ;)


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