Retro Ric Rac Apron

I have a deep and abiding love for Ric Rac.

If you were to peek into my stash, which I do not recommend, you would think I was saving up for a global Ric Rac shortage. Other people, they buy a pack of gum or TicTac’s every time they go to the store. Nope, not me. I’m Ric Rac all the way.

So when it came time to make a new apron, because it’s always time for a new apron, I just had to make one with Ric Rac. Want to see?

Sigh. Lots of Ric Rac and Ruffles. I love it! Do you??? Sweet! Here’s how to make your own.

You’ll need –

  • Fabric for apron (Polka dots and Ric Rac are best friends. :) – 1 yard of 44/45″ fabric
  • Ric Rac, of course
  • Netting (not pictured) You can buy it by the yard or in those small rolls which is what I had.

Here’s what you cut out of your fabric:

  • 2 pieces 18″ x 3″ for waistband
  • 4 pieces 29″ x 3″ for ties
  • 1 piece 16″ x 29″ for skirt
  • 1 piece 60″ x 3″ (1 piece or a few cut to make 60″ – whatever works for you)

Out of netting cut a piece 120″ x 6″. If you are using netting by the yard you’ll probably need to piece it to get this length. I love those little roles of netting they sell at Michael’s and Walmart – they’re 6″ wide so you can just cut your length. Easy peasy.

Now you’re going to trim the skirt into the scallops. Fold the apron in half. Measure the halfway point at the bottom and then measure up 2 inches. Make a mark with your fabric pen.  Measure up 4″ at the side edge and mark also. Find a large bowl and lay on the skirt at the point so the curve goes from the point to the edge. Trace. Cut out the curved edges.

Mark with your pen where you’d like the Ric Rac loops to go. I measured up from the bottom of the two side scallops 4″, then 5″ above that – that is for the bottom and top of the side loops. For the center loop I measured up 4″ and then 7″ above that. I also did points in the Ric Rac at the points of the scallops, 3″ up. Mark all those and then draw out the loops. Pin on your Ric Rac, then sew down.

Whew. No more marking. ;)

Sew together any piecing you need to do and hem the two sides and bottom of your ruffle piece.

Set this piece aside for now. Fold your netting in half length-wise, so it is three inches wide x 120″. Sew a gathering stitch along the folded edge of the netting. (Put your machine on the longest stitch length and hold your thread as you sew. The tighter you hold it, the more gathered the fabric will be.)

Pin your netting to your ruffle piece. Sew another gathering stitch along the top edges, making sure you’re catching both the fabric and the netting.

Pin your ruffle along the sides and bottom of your apron skirt, following the edges of your scallops. Sew the ruffle to the skirt.

Oooh we’re looking flirty. ;)

Sew a gathering stitch to the top of your apron skirt, so that it measures 18″.

Sew an apron tie piece to each side of a waistband piece. Repeat for the other three pieces. Pin the two pieces together and sew the sides (at an angle) and the top long edge of the strip.

Open up your waistband and ties and pin the waistband to the apron skirt, right sides together, so that the edges of the skirt fit between the two waistband edge seams. Pinch up your ruffle edges so the ruffle is tucked under the edge of the skirt. Sew the skirt to the waistband.

While waistband and tie pieces are folded right sides together, sew the bottom edge of each tie piece, from the end up until you reach the apron skirt. Turn right side out and press. Press under the waistband back piece 1/2″ and pin down, so it covers the waistband/skirt seam. Top stitch 1/4″ from the edge all the way around the waistband and ties, sewing down the waistband back piece as you go.

And we’re done! As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me. Here’s some more pictures for you. . .

I think I need some more White Ric Rac.


  • Reply December 9, 2012


    Love this apron!!! Red is my favorite color and have always loved it with white polka dots. The ric rac really adds to it. Was looking for a retro apron to sew for my son’s girlfriend (she loves to cook) and fell in love with this one. Now I am wondering what it would look like with a ruffled bib top added to it. Have you ever made one along these lines using this pattern? Would be interested to see a finished product/picture if anyone has tried this.

  • Reply January 6, 2013


    This is darling,love the addition of the netting.

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